This WebQuest is a sample of the types of webquests that I am creating for students in the newly proposed online version of EDUC 463 -- Principles and Methods of Teaching Elementary School Mathematics.
This artifact is a sample WebQuest designed to allow students in the online version of EDUC 463 -- Principles and Methods of Teaching Elementary School Mathematics, opportunities to demonstrate their abilities to conduct web-based queries on important topics and issues in mathematics education. In this WebQuest, students follow an electronic map that moves them from web resource to web resource to gather information to make decisions about products that will have to be produced in their Wiki-fashioned groups. Five stages make up this WebQuest. Each stage requires communication and collaboration with group members so that joint products can be accomplished. The Setting stage sets forth an interesting context for the WebQuest to be conducted. The Task stage outlines all the elements of the tasks to be completed. The Procedure page details the websites to visit and the information to be gathered at each site. The Products stage outlines all the artifacts that must be created to complete this WebQuest. The Evaluation stage details, in a rubric, the criteria by which products will be judged and describe what scores will be attributed to the quality of the products produced.

I also have a reflection on the value of using WebQuests and NETS-T-1b rationale statements.

This artifact was chosen to demonstrate how I plan to engage students in exploring “real-world issues and solve authentic problems using digital tools and resources” This is the essence of NETS-T-1b.