Ads by Google

The advertising copy from this Ads by Google is for a book I co-authored with Dr. Cynthia Elliott Garnett. The ad is included here to demonstrate the way global communication is facilitated by Web 2.0 technologies.
This “Ads by Google” advertisement is included to illustrate the way two global phenomena are combining to impact the way we communication with colleagues and students around the world. When Curtis J. Bonk proclaimed that “The World is Open.” in his book by the same name, he was alerting use to the fact that we will have to develop cultural understandings and global awareness, as NETS -T-4d calls for, if we are to remain viable and vital consumers and prosumers in a digitized world.

Click here to see a copy of the Ads by Google that combines the world-wide reach of Google with the social networking capabilities of Facebook to allow colleagues around the world to communicate with each other about teaching mathematics effectively.