Volitional Competency Checklist

This Volitional Competency Checklist will be used as one of the data collection instruments in a research study on “distributed-learning” in a mathematics methodology course.
In a research study looking at “Web 2.0 Technologies in a Mathematics Methods Course,” I well be studying the impact of Web 2.0 Technologies on the cognitive, affective, and volitional (conative) development of prospective early childhood and elementary mathematics teachers. This artifact was chosen to address NETS-T-2b because this standard asks that teachers create technology-enriched learning environments where students can actively participate in “setting their own educational goals” and in “managing their own learning, and assessing their own progress. In the Brain Synchronization Theory that I have advanced, the prefrontal lobe “cells of will” is the seat of goal setting and beliefs in self-efficacy. This Volitional Competency Checklist will be used in this study as a self-reporting and an observational checklist to gather data about how competent learners are in engaging their volitional during “distributed-learning” experiences.

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