Connotea (Social Bookmarking)

“Connotea” is a social bookmarking system that allows users to create bookmark favorites, store bookmarks on remote servers, and share bookmarks with others on the system.. These bookmarks can also be tagged with keywords, and belong to more that one category
Being about to use a social bookmarking system like Connotea gives researchers and teachers electronic means to connect to the resources that other teachers and scholars have found valuable in their work. These social bookmarks are proving to be extremely valuable in the productions of WebQuests for Inquiry-Based Teaching. No only can you return to bookmarked sites easily, you can get to your favorite sites on any computer that has web browser capabilities. Connotea excerpts were chosen as an artifact for NETS-T-3a because this system has allowed me to transfer all my web-based bibliographic references into annotated listings complete with “tag cloud” and “citation entry” information.

Click here to see four (4) excerpts taken from My Library in Connotea. These excerpts were chosen to demonstrate how easy it is to capture podcasts using Connotea then listen to them on-demand.