Assignments & Assessments

The Assignments & Assessments matrix associated with this Standard indicate the interval will formative group test will be administered and the nature of the summative assessment being considered for an online version of EDUC 463 -- Principles and Methods of Teaching Elementary School Mathematics.
An overview of the assignments and assessments planned for the online version of EDUC 463 indicates the fact that multiple forms of assessments will be used to make inferences about the abilities of students in the class. This assessment overview is evidence of my adherence to NETS-T-2d. Group test, oral presentations, written reports, and group discussion contributions will be a few of the assessment strategies that will be used in this course. Web 2.0 technologies will be employed in each of the aforementioned assessment strategies.

Click here to see the Assignment & Assessment overview that is part of the syllabus for EDUC 463 -- Principles and Methods of Teaching [Early Childhood and] Elementary School Mathematics. {Brackets mine}.