UDL Guidelines/Checklist

The Universal Design for Learning Guidelines were created at The Center for Applied Special Technology (Cast) . It is a framework to use in considering how to address the needs of all learners when creating web-mediated learning environments.
The Universal Design for Learning Guidelines have been applied to the design of the online version of EDUC 463 -- Principles and Methods of Teaching [Early Childhood and] Elementary School Teachers. {Brackets mine}. For each option discussed, I can find evidence that I was addressing the concern as it related to the preparation of prospective mathematics teachers. There were several area of the Guidelines that I addressed in all aspects of the course (i.e. curriculum, assignments, assessments, etc. ) and the remainder of the categories were addressed to some extent in all other areas of consideration. Click here to see a completed copy of the UDL Guidelines/Checklist. I offer this checklist as evidence that I “address the diverse needs of all learners by using learner-centered strategies and providing equitable access to appropriate digital tolls and resources” as called for in NETS-T-4b.