Soft Matter Journal Club (SMJC)
UMass Amherst

A weekly meeting to discuss a publication in the area of soft-condensed-matter physics. Examples of soft matter include colloids, emulsions, polymers, gels, glass, granular media, membranes and other squishy materials. We encourage students to attend and participate in these informal discussions with colleagues and faculty. Attending is a great way to stay current with developments.

Please consider volunteering to lead a discussion. The key step is simply to choose an article; it is not necessary to be an expert in the field or to defend the conclusions of the article.

Fridays at 1:00 for about 1 hour.
Hasbrouck 409
Joey Paulsen
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Summer 2015
Date Discussion Leader Article
May 22 S Ganga Prasath Elastocapillary Snapping: Capillarity Induces Snap-Through Instabilities in Small Elastic Beams
A Fargette, S Neukirch, & A Antkowiakk
PRL 112, 137802 (2014)
May 29 Joel Marthelot Self-replicating cracks: A collaborative fracture mode in thin films
J Marthelot, B Roman, J Bico, J Teisseire, D Dalmas, & F Melo
PRL 113, 085502 (2014)
Jun 5 NECF Workshop  
Jun 12 No meeting  
Jun 19 Jennifer Ross Localized cell death focuses mechanical forces during 3D patterning in a biofilm
M Assaly et al.
PNAS 109, 18891 (2012)
Jun 26 Lee Walsh Collective dynamics of soft active particles
R Drongelen, A Pal, C Goodrich, & T Idema
PRE 91, 032706 (2015)
Jul 3    
Jul 10    
Jul 17 Achini Opathalage (Brandeis University) Special Seminar
X-ray transparent microfluidics for protein crystallization
Jul 24    
Spring 2015
Date Discussion Leader Article
Feb 6 Joey Paulsen Elastic instabilities in a layered cerebral cortex: a revised axonal tension model for cortex folding.
O V Manyuhina, D Mayett, & J M Schwarz
New J. Phys. 16 (2014)

Gyrification from constrained cortical expansion.
T Tallinen, J Y Chung, J S Biggins, & L Mahadevan
PNAS 111 (2014)
Feb 13 Lee Walsh Melting of a finite-sized two-dimensional colloidal crystal
S Tanaka, Y Oki, & Y Kimura
Phys. Rev. E 89 (2014)
Feb 20 No meeting  
Feb 27 Practice Talks Practice talk session for March Meeting.
Mar 6 March Meeting  
Mar 13 No meeting  
Mar 20 Spring Break  
Mar 27 Shubha Tewari Discontinuous Shear Thickening without Inertia in Dense Non-Brownian Suspensions
M Wyart & M E Cates
PRL 112, 098302 (2014)
Apr 3 Larry Renna Vapour-mediated sensing and motility in two-component droplets
N J Cira, A Benusiglio, & M Prakash
Nature 519, 446 (2015)
Apr 10 Zhanlong Qiu Emergent Structure of Multidislocation Ground States in Curved Crystals
A Azadi & G M Grason
PRL 112, 225502 (2014)
Apr 17 Narayanan Menon High-Precision Test of Landauer’s Principle in a Feedback Trap
Y Jun, M Gavrilov, & J Bechhoefer
PRL 113, 190601 (2014)
Apr 24 Art Evans Fast-Moving Bacteria Self-Organize into Active Two-Dimensional Crystals of Rotating Cells
A P Petroff, X Wu, & A Libchaberr
PRL 114, 158102 (2015)
May 1 Jaime Hopkins Application of the theory of dispersion forces to the surface melting of ice
M Elbaum & M Schick
PRL 66, 1713 (1991)
May 8 No meeting  
May 15 Salem Al Mosleh The elastic torus: anomalous stiffness of shells with mixed type
B Audoly & Y Pomeau
Comptes Rendus Mécanique 330, 6 (2002)
Fall 2014
Date Discussion Leader Article
Sep 30 Joey Paulsen Geometrically protected reversibility in hydrodynamic Loschmidt-echo experiments.
Raphaël Jeanneret & Denis Bartolo
Nat. Commun. 5:3474 doi: 10.1038/ncomms4474 (2014)
Oct 7 No meeting  
Oct 14 Nesrin Senbil Pancake bouncing on superhydrophobic surfaces
Yahua Liu et al.
Nat. Phys. 10 (2014)
Oct 21 Lee Walsh Emergence of macroscopic directed motion in populations of motile colloids
A Bricard, J Caussin, N Desreumaux, O Dauchot, & D Bartolo
Nature 503 (2013)
Oct 28 No meeting  
Nov 4 Vincent Démery Mass Transfer in a Nanoscale Material Enhanced by an Opposing Flux
Chmelik et al.
PRL 104, 085902 (2010)

Diffusion of Interacting Particles in Discrete Geometries
Becker et al.
PRL 111, 110601 (2013)
Nov 11 Veterans Day  
Nov 19 Benny Davidovitch Special Seminar
Nov 25 No meeting  
Dec 2 Larry Renna Assembling colloidal clusters using crystalline templates and reprogrammable DNA interactions
J McGinley, I Jenkins, T Sinnoa, & J Crocker
Soft Matter 9, 9119 (2013)
Dec 9 Narayanan Menon Disentangling glass and jamming physics in the rheology of soft materials
A Ikeda, L Berthier, & P Sollich
Soft Matter 9, 7669 (2013)
Dec 16 Art Evans Stiffening solids with liquid inclusions
R Style et al.
arXiv:1407.6424 (2014)
Spring 2014
Date Discussion Leader Article
Feb 3 Joey Paulsen Imprintable membranes from incomplete chiral coalescence.
Mark J. Zakhary, et al.
Nat. Commun. 5:3063 doi:10.1038/ncomms4063 (2014)
Feb 10 Vincent Démery Strong dynamical effects during stick-slip adhesive peeling.
Marie-Julie Dalbe, et al.
Soft Matter 10, 132, doi:10.1039/c3sm51918j (2014)
Feb 17 Presidents' Day and Biophysical Meeting
Feb 24 Practice Talks Practice talk session for March Meeting.
Mar 3 March Meeting  
Mar 10 Meeting Debrief Talk about talks you heard at the March and Biophysical Meetings.
Mar 17 Spring Break  
Mar 24 Art Evans Locomotion of Helical Bodies in Viscoelastic Fluids: Enhanced Swimming at Large Helical Amplitudes.
Saverio E. Spagnolie, et al.
PRL 111, 068101 (2013)
Mar 31 Nesrin Senbil A study of generation and rupture of soap films.
Laurie Saulier, et al.
Soft Matter 10, 2899 (2014)
Apr 7 Lee Walsh Emergent Collective Phenomena in a Mixture of Hard Shapes through Active Rotation.
Nguyen H. P. Nguyen, et al.
PRL 112, 075701 (2014)
Apr 14 John Gemmer (Brown University) Special Seminar
Pattern Formation in Growing Thin Elastic Sheets
Apr 21 Patriot's Day  
Apr 28 Canceled  
May 5 Jaime Hopkins Van der Waals Torque Coupling between Slabs Composed of Planar Arrays of Nanoparticles.
R. Esquivel-Sirvent and George C. Shatz
J Phys Chem C 117 (10), 5492 (2013)
May 12 Derek Wood Folding of Viscous Threads in Diverging Microchannels.
Thomas Cubaud and Thomas G. Mason
PRL 96, 114501 (2006)
Fall 2013
Date Discussion Leader Article
Sep 9 Chris Monahan (College of William and Mary) Special Seminar
Hydrodynamic fluctuation forces in incompressible fluid layers
Sep 16 No meeting  
Sep 23 Vincent Démery (UMass) Special Seminar
Tracer motion in a complex environment
Sep 30 Dan Beller (University of Pennsylvania) Special Seminar
Controllably patterned smectics: Using topography to assemble focal conic domains
Oct 7 Evan Hohlfeld Dislocation reactions, grain boundaries, and irreversibility in two-dimensional lattices using topological tweezers.
W. T. M. Irvine, A. D. Hollingsworth, D. G. Grier, and P. M. Chaikin,
PNAS. 110, 15544–15548 (2013)

Liquids more stable than crystals in particles with limited valence and flexible bonds.
F. Smallenburg and F. Sciortino,
Nature Phys. 9, 554-558 (2013)

Oct 14 Columbus Day  
Oct 21 Art Evans Solid Drops: Large Capillary Deformations of Immersed Elastic Rods.
S. Mora, et al.,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 114301 (2013)
Oct 28 No meeting  
Nov 4

Michael Gramlich

Brownian Motion of Boomerang Colloidal Particles.
A. Chakrabarty, et al.,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 160603 (2013)
Nov 11 Veterans' Day  
Nov 18 Vincent Démery Furrows in the wake of propagating d-cones.
O. Gottesman, E. Efrati, and S. M. Rubinstein,
arXiv:1310.5290 [cond-mat.soft]
Nov 25 Jesse Silverberg (Cornell University) Special Seminar
Extreme Mechanics, Biology Edition
Dec 2 Nesrin Senbil Origin of the Contact Angle Hysteresis of Water on Chemisorbed and Physisorbed Self-Assembled Monolayers
N. Belman, K. Jin, Y. Golan, J. N. Israelachvili, and N. S. Pesika,
Langmuir 28, 14609 (2012)
Spring 2013
Date Discussion Leader Article
Mar 4 Evan Hohlfeld Criticality and isostaticity in fibre networks.
C. P. Broedersz, X. Mao, T. C. Lubensky, and F. C. MacKintosh,
Nature Phys. 7, 983--988 (2011)
Mar 11 James Hanna Emergence of ripples on the surface of icicles
A. S.-H. Chen and S. W. Morris
Mar 18 No meeting (APS March Meeting)
Mar 25 APS March Meeting Debrief  
Apr 1 Nesrin Senbil Capillary interactions between spherical Janus particles at liquid–fluid interfaces
H. Rezvantalaba and S. Shojaei-Zadeh,
Soft Matter 9, 3640--3650 (2013)
Apr 8 Rastko Sknepnek (Syracuse University) Special Seminar
Faceting of elastic vesicles
Apr 15 Patriot's Day
Apr 22 Dr. S. Thutupalli (Princeton University) Special Seminar
Chimera States - how mythological monsters from mathematics arise in the real world
Apr 29

Julien Chopin (Clark Univeristy)

Special Seminar
May 6 Phillip Gurnev TBA
May 13    
Fall 2012
Date Discussion Leader Article
Sept 17 Anthony Dinsmore Wetting of flexible fibre arrays, C Duprat, S Protière, A Y Beebe, H A Stone Nature 482 510 (2012)
Sept 24 Lee Walsh Trajectory entanglement in dense granular materials , J G Puckett, F Lechenault, K E Daniels, J-L Thiffeault J Stat Mech 2012 P06008 (2012)
Oct 1 Derek Wood Leaping shampoo and the stable Kaye effect , M Versluis, C Blom, D van der Meer, K van der Weele, and D Lohse P07007 (2006)
TUESDAY OCTOBER 9th Etienne Couturier Special Seminar
Part 1: Isometric deformation of a thin spherical shell… Part 2: Suspension rheology…
Oct 15 Nesrin Senbil How do mosquito eggs self-assemble on the water surface?, J. C. Loudet and B. Pouligny EPL E 34 p.76 (2011)
Oct 22 Luis Cajamarca The close-packed triple helix as a possible new structural motif for collagen, J Bohr and K Olsen Theoretica Chimica Acta 130 pp.1095-1103 (2011)
Oct 29 cancelled due to storm worries
Nov 5 Greg Farrell Probing ergodicity in granular matter, F Paillusson and D Frenkel [arXiv:1210.5407]
Nov 12 Veterans' Day
Nov 19 cancelled
Nov 26 APS DFD Meeting Debrief (and other meetings)
Dec 3 cancelled cancelled
Dec 10 Princeton Materials Workshop Debrief (and anything else)
Dec 17 cancelled cancelled
Summer 2012
Date Discussion Leader Article
Jul 9 Narayanan Menon Athermal Phase Separation of Self-Propelled Particles with no Alignment, Y. Fily and M. C. Marchetti (2012)
Jul 16 Hunter King Percolation in insect nest networks: Evidence for optimal wiring , S Valverde, B Corominas-Murtra, A Perna, P Kuntz, G Theraulaz, and R V Solé PRE 79, 066106 (2009)
Jul 23 Luis Cajamarca Size dependent intrinsic bulk twisting of carbon nanotube ropes , H.Y. Liang, M. Upmanyu Carbon 43 3189-3194 (2005)
Jul 30 Lee Walsh Recurrent inflation and collapse in horizontally shaken granular materials, T Pöschel, D E Rosenkranz, and J A C Gallas PRE 85 031307 (2012)
Aug 6 James Hanna Geometric Mixing , J H E Cartwright, E Gouillart, N Piro, O Piro, I Tuval [arXiv:1206.6894] (2012)
Aug 13 Marcelo Dias Stamping and Wrinkling of Elastic Plates ,J Hure, B Roman, and J Bico Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 054302 (2012)
Aug 20 Dominique Cambou Spinodal decomposition in particle-laden Landau-Levich flow ,J C T Kao and A E Hosoi Physics of Fluids 24, 041701 (2012)
Spring 2012
Date Discussion Leader Article
Jan 23 Badel Mbanga Macroscopic Torsional Strain and Induced Molecular Conformational Deracemization, R Basu, J S Pendery, R G Petschek, R P Lemieux, and C Rosenblatt, PRL 107, 237804 (2011)
Jan 30 Chris Santangelo Two-dimensional packing of soft particles and the soft generalized Thomson problem, W L Miller and A Cacciuto Soft Matter 7, 7552-7559 (2011)
Feb 6 Luis Cajamarca Condensation of isolated semi-flexible filaments driven by depletion interactions, A. W. C. Lau, A. Prasad and Z. Dogic EPL 87 48006 (2009)
Feb 13 Don Blair Design principles for self-assembly with short-range interactions , S. Hormoz and M. P. Brenner PNAS 108 5193-5198 (2011)
Feb 20 Presidents' Day
Feb 27 March and Biophysical Meetings
Mar 5 Eugenio Hamm Special Seminar
Stress focusing and collapse of a thin elastic sheet subjected to constant pressure
Mar 12 Meeting Debrief Talk about talks you heard at March and Biophysical Meetings.
Mar 19 James Hanna Jammed Spheres: Minkowski Tensors Reveal Onset of Local Crystallinity, S C Kapfer, W Mickel, K Mecke, G E Schröder-Turk [arXiv:1201.6570v1] (2012)
Mar 26 Narayanan Menon Unifying Suspension and Granular Rheology , F Boyer, E Guazzelli, O Pouliquen PRL 107 188301 (2011)
Apr 2 Marcelo Dias Compliant shell mechanisms , K A Seffen Phil Trans Roy Soc A 370 2010-2026 (2012)
Apr 9 Dominique Cambou Compression, crumpling and collapse of spherical shells and capsules , G A Vliegenthart and G Gompper New J. Phys. 13 045020 (2011)
Apr 16 Patriots' Day
Apr 23 Nesrin Senbil Curvature-driven capillary migration and assembly of rod-like particles , M Cavallaro, Jr., L Botto, E P Lewandowski, M Wang, and K J Stebe PNAS (2011)
Apr 30 Hunter King Reconfigurable self-assembly through chiral control of interfacial tension , T Gibaud, E Barry, M J Zakhary, M Henglin, A Ward, Y Yang, C Berciu, R Oldenbourg, M F Hagan, D Nicastro, R B Meyer, and Z Dogic Nature (2012)
May 7 Andres Concha Special Seminar
Graphene electro-mechanics
May 14 Isaac Bruss Packing of Elastic Wires in Spherical Cavities , N. Stoop, J. Najafi, F. K. Wittel, M. Habibi, and H. J. Herrmann PRL 106, 214102 (2011)
Fall 2011
Date Discussion Leader Article
Sept. 19 Peter Buchak Single-drop fragmentation determines size distribution of raindrops, Emmanuel Villermaux and Benjamin Bossa, Nat. Phys. 5, 697 (2009).
Sept. 26 Lori Goldner Phase Separation Behavior in Aqueous Suspensions of Bacterial Cellulose Nanocrystals Prepared by Sulfuric Acid Treatment, Asako Hirai, Osamu Inui, Fumitaka Horii, and Masaki Tsuji, Langmuir 2009, 25, 497–502.
Oct. 3 Hunter King On the Thermodynamics of Particle-Stabilized Emulsions: Curvature Effects and Catastrophic Phase Inversion, P. A. Kralchevsky, I. B. Ivanov, K. P. Ananthapadmanabhan and A. Lips, Langmuir 2005, 21, 50–63.
Oct. 10 Columbus Day No Journal Club
Oct. 17 Robert Schroll Compression Induced Folding of a Sheet: An Integrable System, Haim Diamant and Thomas A. Witten, PRL 107, 164302 (2011).
Oct. 24 — Canceled —
Oct. 31 James Hanna A geometric model for anisotropic crystal growth, J S Wettlaufer, M Jackson, and M Elbaum, J. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 27 5957-5967 (1994)
Nov. 7 Badel Mbanga Supersoft Elasticity in Polydomain Nematic Elastomers , J S Biggins, M Warner, and K Bhattacharya, PRL 103, 037802 (2009)
Nov. 14 Dominique Cambou Relaxation Mechanisms in the Unfolding of Thin Sheets , B Thiria and M Adda-Bedia, PRL 107, 025506 (2011)
Nov. 21 Jiansheng Feng Scanning-helium-ion-beam lithography with hydrogen silsesquioxane resist, D. Winston, B. M. Cord, B. Ming, D. C. Bell, W. F. DiNatale, L. A. Stern, A. E. Vladar, M. T. Postek, M. K. Mondol, J. K. W. Yang, and K. K. Berggren, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 27, 2702 (2009)
Nov. 28 Selcuk Yasar Undulations Enhance the Effect of Helical Structure on DNA Interactions, D. J. Lee, A. Wynveen, A. A. Kornyshev and S. Leikin, J. Phys. Chem. B 114,11668-11680 (2010)
Dec. 5 Tony Dinsmore The Mosaic of Surface Charge in Contact Electrification, Baytekin, H. T.; Patashinski, A. Z.; Branicki, M.; Baytekin, B.; Soh, S.; Grzybowski, B. A., Science 333,308-312 (2011)
Dec. 12 Don Blair Statistical Mechanics of Two-Dimensional Shuffled Foams: Prediction of the Correlation between Geometry and Topology, M. Durand, J. Käfer, C. Quilliet, S. Cox, S. A. Talebi, and F. Graner, PRL 107,168304(2011)
Summer 2011
Date Discussion Leader Article
June 6 Ben Gamari Self-Assembly-Induced Protein Crystallization, Hongjun Liu, Sanat K. Kumar, and Jack F. Douglas, PRL 103, 018101 (2009). (Note: at 12:30)
June 13 Jiansheng Feng Restoring Superhydrophobicity of Lotus Leaves with Vibration-Induced Dewetting, Jonathan B. Boreyko and Chuan-Hua Chen, PRL 103, 174502 (2009).
June 20 Dominique Cambou Deformation of an Elastic Substrate by a Three-Phase Contact Line, Elizabeth R. Jerison, Ye Xu, Larry A. Wilen, and Eric R. Dufresne, PRL 106, 186103 (2011).
June 27 Lee Walsh Kinetics of ring formation, E. Ben-Naim and P. L. Krapivsky, PRE 83, 061102 (2011).
July 4 Independence Day No Journal Club
July 11 Selcuk Yasar Composite polarizability and the construction of an invariant function of refraction and mass density for solutions, Krzysztof Szymański and Horia I. Petrache, J. Chem. Phys. 134, 144701 (2011).
July 18 Peter Morgan Effective potentials between nanoparticles in suspension, Gary S. Grest, Qifei Wang, Pieter in't Veldr, and David J. Keffer, J. Chem. Phys. 134, 144902 (2011).
July 25 — Canceled —
Spring 2011
Date Discussion Leader Article
Jan. 31 Selcuk Yasar The Role of Cholesterol and Structurally Related Molecules in Enhancing Transfection of Cationic Liposome−DNA Complexes, Alexandra Zidovska, Heather M. Evans, Ayesha Ahmad, Kai K. Ewert and Cyrus R. Safinya, J. Phys. Chem. B 113, 5208–5216 (2009).
Feb. 7 Condensed Matter Seminar — 11:15 in Goessmann 153 Sergei Urazhdin
Spin-Based Microwave Nano-Oscillators - Note Special Day and Location
Feb. 14 Hunter King Pleats in crystals on curved surfaces, William T. M. Irvine, Vincenzo Vitelli, and Paul M. Chaikin, Nature 468, 947–951 (2010).
Feb. 21 Presidents' Day No Journal Club
Feb. 28 Narayanan Menon Why do particle clouds generate electric charges?, T. Pähtz, H. J. Herrmann, and T. Shinbrot, Nature Physics 6, 364–368 (2010).
March 7 Biophysics Meeting No Journal Club
March 14 Greg Farrell — Canceled due to technical difficulties —
March 21 March Meeting No Journal Club
March 28 Evan Hohlfeld Special Seminar
A General Theory of Mechanical Instabilities in Soft Solids
April 4 APS Meeting Debrief Come ready to give a summary of your favorite talks from the APS Biophysics and March Meetings.
April 11 Dianwen Zhang Two-color nanoscopy of three-dimensional volumes by 4Pi detection of stochastically switched fluorophores, Daniel Aquino, Andreas Schönle, Claudia Geisler, Claas v Middendorff, Christian A Wurm, Yosuke Okamura, Thorsten Lang, Stefan W Hell, and Alexander Egner, Nature Methods 8, 353–359 (2011).
April 18 Patriot's Day No Journal Club
April 25 Dominique Cambou Fluctuations and Scaling in Creep Deformation, Jari Rosti, Juha Koivisto, Lasse Laurson, and Mikko J. Alava, PRL 105, 100601 (2010).
May 2 James Hanna Completely inelastic ball, T. Gilet, N. Vandewalle, and S. Dorbolo, PRE 79, 055201 (2009).
May 9 Greg Farrell Jammed particulate systems are inherently nonharmonic, Carl F. Schreck, Thibault Bertrand, Corey S. O'Hern, and M.D. Shattuck, arXiv:1012.0369v1 (2011).
May 16 Tony Dinsmore Reshaping Elastic Nanotubes Via Self-Assembly of Surface-Adhesive Nanoparticles, Josep C. Pàmies and Angelo Cacciuto, PRL 106, 045702 (2011).
May 23 Ana Hocevar Special Seminar
Lipid vesicle assemblies as models of simple animal tissues
Fall 2010
Date Discussion Leader Article
Sept. 20 Mitch Mailman Special Seminar
Evidence for a Diverging Length Scale in Granular Packings at the Onset of Unjamming
Sept. 27 Conference Debrief Come ready to give a summary of your favorite talks from the Aspen and/or New Mech workshops.
Oct. 4 Peter Buchak Special Seminar
The Clapping Book: Wind-Driven Oscillations in a Stack of Elastic Sheets
Oct. 11 Columbus Day No Journal Club
Oct. 18    
Oct. 25 Narayanan Menon Teaching the principles of statistical dynamics, Kingshuk Ghosh, Ken A. Dill, MAndar M. Inamdar, Effrosyni Seitaridou, and Rob Phillips, Am. J. Phys. 74, 123 (2006). [For an experimental approach, see also here.]
Nov. 1 Simona Maccarrone Interaction between like-charged polyelectrolyte-colloid complexes in electrolyte solutions: A Monte Carlo simulation study in the Debye–Hückel approximation, D. Truzzolillo, F. Bordi, F. Sciortino, and S. Sennato, J. Chem. Phys. 133, 024901 (2010).
Nov. 8 Hunter King Granular Character of Particle Rafts, Pietro Cicuta and Dominic Vella, PRL 102, 138302 (2009).
Nov. 15 Greg Farrell Equilibration of Granular Subsystems, F. Lechenault and Karen E. Daniels, Soft Matter 6, 3074 (2010).
Nov. 22 Ben Machta Special Seminar
Implications of Criticality in Cell Membranes
Nov. 29 Robert Schroll Contact lines for fluid surface adhesion, Markus Deserno, Martin Michael Müller, and Jemal Guven, Phys. Rev. E 76, 011605 (2007).
Dec. 6 James Hanna The weight of a falling chain, revisited, Eugenio Hamm and Jean-Christophe Géminard, Am. J. Phys. 78, 828 (2010).
Dec. 13 Selcuk Yasar Postponed
Summer 2010
Date Discussion Leader Article
May 17 José Bico, ESPCI Special Seminar: 4:00 PM in Has 409
Elasto-capillarity: Deforming an Elastic Structure with a Liquid Droplet
May 24 Greg Farrell A phase diagram for jammed matter, Chaoming Song, Ping Wang, and Hern√°n A. Makse, Nature 435, 629 (2008).
May 31 Memorial Day No Journal Club
June 7 Hunter King Elasticity of an interfacial partical raft, D. Vella, P. Aussillous, and L. Mahadevan, Europhys. Lett. 68, 212 (2004).
June 14 Christian Santangelo Deterministic Folding in Stiff Elastic Membranes, T. Tallinen, J. A. Åström, and J. Timonen, PRL 101, 106101 (2008).
June 21 Robert Schroll Curvature Condensation and Bifurcation in an Elastic Shell, Moumita Das, Ashkan Vaziri, Arshad Kudrolli, and L. Mahadevan, PRL 98, 014301 (2007).
June 28 — Bye —
July 5 Florence Rouyer Special Seminar
Transport of Liquid and Particles in Foams
[For background, see here and here.]
July 12 Georges Gauthier Special Seminar: 12:30 in Has 409
Particle Pressure in Sheared Suspensions
July 19 James Hanna Pulling bubbles from a bath, Justin C. T. Kao, Andrea L. Blakemore, and A. E. Hosoi, Phys. Fluids 22, 061705 (2010).
July 26 Lee Walsh Concentration Dependent Diffusion of Self-Propelled Rods, Arshad Kudrolli, PRL 104, 088001 (2010).
Spring 2010
Date Discussion Leader Article
Jan. 11 Tony Dinsmore Measurement of Lateral Adhesion Forces at the Interface between a Liquid Drop and a Substrate, Rafael Tadmor, Prashant Bahadur, Aisha Leh, Hartmann E. N’guessan, Rajiv Jaini, and Lan Dang, PRL 103, 266101 (2009).
Jan. 18 MLK Day No Journal Club
Jan. 25 Narayanan Menon Nonequilibrium Fluctuation Relation for Sheared Micellar Gel in a Jammed State, Sayantan Majumdar and A. K. Sood, PRL 101, 078301 (2008).
Feb. 1 Robert Schroll Viscoelastic effects in the spreading of liquids, Alain Carré, Jean-Claude Gastel, and Martin E. R. Shanahan, Nature 379, 432 (1996).
Feb. 8 Christian Santangelo Topological instabilities of spherical vesicles, O. V. Manyuhina, A. Fasolino, P. C. M. Christianen, and M. I. Katsnelson, PRE 80, 010403 (2009).
Feb. 15 Presidents' Day No Journal Club
Feb. 22 Lee Walsh Bubble Pinch-Off in a Rotating Flow, Raymond Bergmann, Anders Andersen, Devaraj van der Meer, and Tomas Bohr, PRL 102, 204501 (2009). [For some background, see also here.]
March 1 Benny Davidovitch The Free-Energy Landscape of Clusters of Attractive Hard Spheres, Guangnan Meng, Natalie Arkus, Michael P. Brenner, and Vinothan N. Manoharan, Science 29 327, 560 (2010). [See also here.]
March 8 Greg Farrell Dynamic Equilibrium Mechanism for Surface Nanobubble Stabilization, Michael P. Brenner and Detlef Lohse, PRL 101, 214505 (2008).
March 15 March Meeting No Journal Club
March 22 March Meeting Debrief Come ready to give a summary of your favorite talks from the APS March Meeting.
March 29 Adrian Parsegian Thermodynamics Predicts How Confinement Modifies the Dynamics of the Equilibrium Hard-Sphere Fluid, Jeetain Mittal, Jeffrey R. Errington, and Thomas M. Truskett, PRL 96, 177804 (2006).
April 5 Donald Blair Tuning Density Profiles and Mobility of Inhomogeneous Fluids, Gaurav Goel, William P. Krekelberg, Jeffrey R. Errington, and Thomas M. Truskett, PRL 100, 106001 (2008).
April 12 Hunter King Generality of shear thickening in dense suspensions, Eric Brown, Nicole A. Forman, Carlos S. Orellana, Hanjun Zhang, Benjamin W. Maynor, Douglas E. Betts, Joseph M. DeSimone, and Heinrich M. Jaeger, Nature Mat. 9, 220 (2010).
April 19 Patriot's Day No Journal Club
April 26 — Canceled —
May 3 Marcelo Dias Tension-Induced Multistability in Inextensible Helical Ribbons, E. L. Starostin and G. H. M. van der Heijden, PRL 101, 084301 (2008).
May 10 James Hanna Topological fluid mechanics of stirring, Philip L. Boyland, Hassan Aref, and Mark A. Stremler, JFM 403, 277–304 (2000).
Fall 2009
Date Discussion Leader Article
Oct. 19 Christian Santangelo Vortexlike Topological Defects in Nematic Colloids: Chiral Colloidal Dimers and 2D Crystals, U. Tkalec, M. Ravnik, S. Žumer, and I. Muševič, PRL 103, 127801 (2009).
Oct. 26 Simona Maccarrone Coacervation of cationic gemini sufactant with weakly charged anionic polyacrylamide, Manli Deng, Meiwen Cao, and Yilin Wang, J Phys Chem B 113, 9436 (2009).
Nov. 2 Hunter King Stomatocyte–discocyte–echinocyte sequence of the human red blood cell: Evidence for the bilayer–couple hypothesis from membrane mechanics, Gerald Lim H. W., Michael Wortis, and Ranjan Mukhopadhyay, PNAS 99, 16766 (2002).
Nov. 9 Ben Gamari Generic Phase Diagram of Active Polar Films, R. Voituriez, J. F. Joanny, and J. Prost, PRL 96, 028102 (2006).
Nov. 16 Greg Grason Mapping vesicle shapes into the phase diagram: A comparison of experiment and theory, H.-G. Döbereiner, E. Evans, M. Kraus, U. Seifert, and M. Wortis, PRE 55, 4458 (1997).
Nov. 23 Kiyotaka Akabori Direct measurement of critical Casimir forces, C. Hertlein, L. Helden, A. Gambassi, S. Dietrich and C. Bechinger, Nature 451, 172 (2008).
Nov. 30 Homin Shin Direct Measurement of the Twist Penetration Length in a Single Smectic A Layer of Colloidal Virus Particles, Edward Barry, Zvonimir Dogic, and Robert B. Meyer, J Phys Chem B 113, 3910 (2008).
Dec. 7 Marcelo Dias Morphogenesis of Growing Soft Tissues, Julien Dervaux and Martine Ben Amar, PRL 101, 068101 (2008).
Dec. 14 Lee Walsh The Shape and Motion of a Ruck in a Rug, John M. Kolinski, Pascale Aussillous, and L. Mahadevan, arXiv:0906.4089v1 (2009).