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Click to hear Atomica:
1. Cover
2. It's got to go
3. Contorted
4. Under there
5. Work this thing

Recorded in Kingston and Northampton, 2003
Grant Ethier, drums
Joey Potato,  guitars and vocals

Atomica 2005:
Joey Potato, guitar and vocals
Frank Sinistra, bass and grimaces
Rainy Stanford, drums and mirth

Shows: We played a bunch of shows in the first half of 2005: a few at Flywheel, Easthampton, the Amnesty International Benefit at the Nashoba High School Cafeteria, Bolton, Ma, and a couple with Boots got Soul Soundsystem at the Elevens, Northampton.

We've now lost Frank Sinistra to the lure of the open road. We'll start playing shows again once we find someone else to hold down the bottom end (interested? write us!) In the meantime, we'll try to get some of our new songs committed to tape (or hard drive). Stay tuned...

contact: pater(at)