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Formal Semantics of Noun Phrases
Spec-kurs RGGU Spring 2010 -- Barbara H. Partee

Course announcement in Russian

Meeting time: Tuesdays, Lecture 15:45-17:15, Seminar 17:30-19:00.
First meeting Tuesday, February 9. Room to be determined -- ask at Dispatchers' window in the building where Linguistics is.

Propusk needed. If you plan to come and don't have an RGGU propusk, contact the Linguistic Typology office (, (499) 973-47 55,  to find out what to do.


Guest lecture May 25 -- Katya Garmash on Russian ссамsam.
MSCL 5: Moscow Student Linguistics Conference
April 3-4, website here:


If you plan to attend the course but missed the first lectures, send me an e-mail to let me know: . And download the handouts you missed from the Schedule and Materials page.

Topic of the course:

In this course, we will start with a fast introduction to formal semantics, and then turn to some central issues in the semantics of noun phrases, including their internal parts. We will study such semantic topics as types of noun phrase meanings (referential, quantificational, other), languages with and without definite and indefinite articles, adjectival modifiers, restrictive and non-restrictive relative clauses, possessive pronouns, genitive modifiers/ genitive arguments, relational and non-relational nouns, quantification, distributivity, plural and mass nouns, anaphora. We will raise questions about universals and typology in the realm of noun phrase semantics. There is more on the Description page, and there is a week-by-week schedule with readings and handouts (as they become available) on the Materials page.

Old announcements:  

First lecture will be on February 9 at 15:45.


ALSO: No class Tuesday March 16 or Tuesday March 23!
See class schedule for details.