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Barbara's Personal Page

Note: I don't update this page much anymore (very little since about 2007, I think). Now I tend to put 'personal page' things on Facebook (Barbara H Partee) or Live Journal (bhp1) or on my Flickr page (bhpartee).


Barbara H Partee is a fan of

Sled Dog Studio Sled Dog Studio


Family links:

My oldest son Morriss Partee lives in Massachusetts and is the father of my grandson Sean Patrick Partee . (Morriss also has pictures on his Flickr page.)  Here is his main business site now, for his "everythingcu.com" business, which serves the credit union business with advice and assistance on branding, marketing, design, and communications and things like that.

Here's Sean --     (click on any photo to go to my "Sean" photo set on Flickr.)                          

This is a Flickr badge showing photos in a set called Sean. Make your own badge here.

My middle son Dave Partee and his wife Carol Kaynor live in Fairbanks, Alaska, with a dozen or so sled dogs. He is communications designer for the Alaska Sea Grant College Program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He is also a musician, photographer, and digital artist at his Sled Dog Studio, and is a past president of the Alaska Dog Mushers Association. He and his design group won 2006 First Place for calendars, National Association of Government Communicators; and APEX 2006 Award of Excellence, Design and Illustration, for the 2006 Alaska Coastal Calendar. Carol is web and database coordinator for the same Alaska Sea Grant College Program and is an active dog musher and a writer.

My youngest son Joel Partee lives in Utah with his family; they don't have a website. Joel drives a handicap bus in the Salt Lake City transportation system. His wife Anne Davis is Training Coordinator for the Salt Lake Valley Juvenile Detention Center. Their daughter Rachael Davis Partee is in Middle School, plays the flute and several sports. Anne's daughter Sara Dawn Davis is a loan officer for iFreedom Direct mortgage services.

My husband Vladimir Borschev (Volodya) has a website that's mostly in Russian; it includes a copy of his book of diaries from linguistic expeditions in the Caucasus and elsewhere (the famous expeditions run by his good friend Aleksandr Kibrik of the OTiPL program of Moscow State University), Za Jazykom.

My former husband's son Eric Bach and his wife Lynn White in Madison, Wisconsin, have an adopted son, Carl Esteban Bach, my youngest grandson, born August 26, 2003.

Volodya's stepdaughter Valera Knorin (no website) lives in Israel with her partner Vasily Tanas, his son Kiril, and their children Karina and Tim.

I no longer actively add photos to this page, but I have quite a lot of public photos on my Flickr page, including photos of the wedding of Chris Potts and Kathryn Flack in Amherst in October 2006 at which I officiated! And more family photos of various sorts, trip photos, etc.

Here's a picture of Joel's family: Joel and Anne, Sara, Rachael: taken by Emmon 1999  Joel and Rachael, Yellowstone, summer 1998: taken by Anne

A few more photos:
(Click on the photos below to see a full-size image)

Barbara in 1977, UMass photoBarbara and Volodja 1997, taken by DavidDavid & Carol, Barbara & Volodja, Morriss & Kathy, 1997Sean Patrick fall 1999, taken by KathySean and Volodja, Groff Park, Sept 2001more on my Flickr page.  

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