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Fall 2006

October 4th 2006

(i) Anna Verbuk: 'The acquisition of the Russian or' (abstract, handout)

(ii) Barbara Partee: "Negation, Intensionality, and Aspect: Interaction with NP Semantics" (a paper currently under final revision for a volume resulting from an Aspect conference organized by Susan Rothstein in Tel Avis in June 2005)
(abstract, handout)

October 25th 2006

(i) Keir Moulton: Exploring Reflexive Verb Meanings (abstract, handout)

(ii) Vladimir Borschev and Barbara Partee: Sentential and Constituent Negation in Russian BE-sentences Revisited (abstract, handout)

November 8th 2006

(i) Amy Rose: Case-marking and object interpretation in Nez Perce (abstract, handout, paper)

(ii) Barbara and Volodja: Pros and Cons of a Type-Shifting Approach to Russian Genitive of Negation (abstract, handout, paper)

November 29th 2006

(i) Andrew: Fixing the scope of Turkish negation (abstract, handout

(ii) Florian: Anaphoric and Non-anaphoric Definites in German (abstract, handout)

December 6th 2006

(i) Aynat: Reciprocal verbs as a probe into lexical and compositional semantics (abstract, handout)

(ii) Barbara & Volodja: Information Structure, Perspectival Structure, Diathesis Alternation, and the Russian Genitive of Negation (abstract, handout)