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Welcome. I am currently completing my PhD at the University of Massachusetts, and in fall 2013 I will join the Department of Economics and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee .

My primary research areas are health economics, labor economics, and the economics of education. I am particularly interested in racial disparities in health and labor market outcomes, intergenerational mobility, and how early childhood experiences contribute to subsequent socioeconomic well being.

A CV and a summary of teaching experience are posted above, and below are copies of my articles and working papers.





Economic Background and Educational Attainment: The Role of Gene-Environment Interactions. Forthcoming, Journal of Human Resources

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Racial Disparities in the Cognition-Health Relationship (2011). Journal of Health Economics. 30:2, pp. 328-339.


The Estimated Cost Impact of Privatizing Student Transportation in Minnesota School Districts (2011). Public Choice. 146:3-4. pp. 319-339.



Working Papers


Discrimination and Racial Differences in Parenting: Evidence from the Civil Rights Movement


Genetic Mechanisms in the Intergenerational Transmission of Health



Works in Progress


Racial and Economic Differences in Exposure to Water Pollution in the United States (with Michael Ash and James Boyce)


Housing Markets and the Dynamics of Minority Overexposure to Air Toxins


Nurse Unionization, Labor Relations and Patient Health Outcomes (with Arindrajit Dube and Ethan Kaplan)


The Effect of Income on Health: Evidence from new Health Measures in the NLSY