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Brian W. Ogilvie: Teaching interests and courses

N.B. This page is seriously out of date! I may have time to update it soon.

Teaching interests

My teaching interests are broad, and I offer a wide range of courses and independent studies in the following areas: Renaissance and early modern Europe; history of science, especially natural history and biology; humanism, scholarship, and the classical tradition; historiography and philosophy of history; and history of religions.

Some friendly advice for students...

Courses I have taught recently and will teach at UMass

Note: the titles of these courses have varied from time to time. I have posted syllabi for previous versions of the courses. This table indicates when I intend to next teach these courses, but my plans may change.

Last taught   
Will teach in
First Year Seminar: People and Insects freshman Fall 2010 ?
Western Thought to 1600 survey Spring 2007 Spring 2015?
Introduction to World Religions survey Fall 2009 Fall 2013
Western Science and Technology I survey Fall 2012 Fall 2014?
Western Science and Technology II survey Spring 2008 Spring 2013
Renaissance and Reformation Europe upper-level Fall 2012 Spring 2014
Witchcraft, Magic, and Science (honors) upper-level Spring 2003 Spring 2013
Junior Writing Seminar (topic varies) junior Spring 2004 Fall 2013
Topics in Early Modern European History graduate Spring 2011 Fall 2014?
The Scientific Revolution  graduate Spring 2006 Fall 2014?

Courses I have taught earlier at UMass Amherst

  • European Witchcraft in Comparative Perspective (last taught Spring 2001)
  • Italian Renaissance* (last taught Fall 2002)
  • Northern Renaissance and Reformation* (last taught Spring 2002)
  • GRAD: European Historiography to the Enlightenment (last taught Fall 2002)
  • GRAD: Introduction to History (last taught Fall 2007)

*Note: These two courses have been combined into one, Renaissance and Reformation Europe.

Courses taught at the University of Chicago

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