"Norden's book is a sober and serious attempt to redress the excesses and deficiencies in the catalogue of Barrymore studies. . . . Norden manages to strike a balanced tone: he communicates an enthusiasm for his subject, yet judiciously presents the facts of Barrymore's life and career without tipping toward sentimentality. . . . This is an outstanding presentation of research. Norden has undertaken an extraordinarily difficult subject and produced a volume that is not only a worthwhile reference text, but a stimulating commentary as well." --Theatre Research International

"Perhaps the greatest strength of this book lies in its admirably full accounts of Barrymore's stage and film performances. These sections feature a good deal of information not previously available in earlier works about the actor and his family. Biographers often have tended to gloss over or mention only in passing Barrymore's 'lesser' stage and motion picture portrayals, yet Norden offers the reader detailed, insightful descriptions of every vehicle in which Barrymore appeared -- more than a hundred in all. . . . This work is noteworthy as the most ambitious and comprehensive volume to date in the Greenwood series; it should serve as a useful reference for years to come. Norden has gathered an impressive volume of information on Barrymore and his family. He has crafted a bibliographic work that complements existing volumes and provides his readers with a valuable compilation of much of the vast literature this mercurial actor evoked." --Theatre History Studies

"I immediately got lost in its pages and learned things I didn't know. . . . A first-rate piece of research, and an obvious labor of love. I look forward to using [the] book on a regular basis." --Leonard Maltin, Entertainment Tonight

"A first-rate research job. . . . Your book will certainly go into every research collection in the USA that hasn't had its budget slashed. It's going to be enormously valuable. . . . I can think of no higher compliment than to say that if your John Barrymore: A Bio-Bibliography had been available to me when I was working on The House of Barrymore, my work would have been substantially easier." --Margot Peters, author of The House of Barrymore

"A masterful, incredibly complete book on Jack Barrymore. . . . Many things I noted in your book, not in any other." --William Luce, author of Barrymore

"The Barrymore volume is notable for the detailed discussion of each bibliographic item vis a vis the subject, and it also includes a directory of audio/visual distributors and a previously unpublished essay, "The John Barrymore I Knew," by vocal coach Margaret Carrington." --Classic Images

"I thought the book most remarkable. . . . I'm so happy I was able to help you along the way, and especially in allowing you to put the Carrington piece into print." --Will Fowler, friend of JB and son of biographer Gene Fowler

"It is by far the most comprehensive and reliable resource on Barrymore's career and influence, and it's also a pleasure to read. . . . [The book is] a major contribution to the history of American film and theater. . . . It's an extraordinarily useful work, gathering materials from many, many sources and making a fine case for Barrymore's importance in American theatrical and cinematic history." --Douglas M. Lanier, Dept. of English, University of New Hampshire

"Appearing in nearly 60 films and dozens of stage and radio productions, the Great Profile is the ideal subject for bio-bibliographying. The plot synopses, critical commentaries, and cast and crew credit listings lend themselves to a well-rounded appreciation of this versatile performer." --Films in Review

"It's really excellent. Great work!" --John Barrymore III, grandson of JB

"This is the best resource and biographical book about John Barrymore available. Aside from a good, if slim, biography there is commentary and complete listings of stage performances, film performances and an annotated bibliography of many articles and books that mention Barrymore at all. Also included is a very helpful index." --The Silents Majority: The On-Line Journal of Silent Film

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