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Narayanan Menon 


Current Graduate Students

Dominique Cambou

Greg Farrell

Hunter King

Lee Walsh

Current Undergraduate Students

Kevin Cunningham


At UMass, we collaborate with Profs. Tom Russell (Polymer Science), Tony Dinsmore, Don Candela, Benny Davidovitch, Chris Santangelo

Prof Sriram Ramaswamy, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

JosÚ Bico and Ben˘it Roman, ESPCI Paris

Prof Enrique Cerda, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Professor Nalini Easwar, Smith College.  Smith students who have done experiments on dense granular flows in our lab are:

Emily Gardel (now at Harvard), Ellen Keene (now at Cornell), Sonia Dragulin (now at  U. of Wisconsin), Efrosyni Seitaridou   (PhD Caltech, Faculty Oxford College, ), Kelsey Hattam (now at Emory), Alyssa Stratulat


Florence Rouyer

postdoc 1999-2000

Maitre d'Conference (Asst. Prof.) in France

Kevin Facto PhD 2011 thesis supervisor: Prof. Don Candela
Hongqiang Wang PhD 2010 Analyst, Bloomberg Group
Jiangshui Huang PhD 2010 Postdoc Harvard University, co-advised with TP Russell
Vijay Narayan PhD 2008 IISc Postdoc Cambridge University, thesis supervisor: Sriram Ramaswamy

K.Z. Win

PhD 2006 postdoc Texas Tech U

Klebert Feitosa

Ph.D. 2004 postdoc U Penn, Staff Scientist Glaxo Smith Kline, Asst Prof James Madison U

Paul Silva

BS '00

CEO of ZForm Inc

Tom Vandewelde

BS '00

grad student U. Virginia

Heather Cameron



Emily Longhi

Smith BS'00

PhD Duke 07; Accelerator physicist, Diamond light source UK

Ryan White


grad student S.Carolina

Hunter King


Masters at Bogazici U, grad student UMass

Iva Zaharieva

BS00 Mt Holyoke

grad student Harvard

Jon Celli


PhD  Boston U 2007

Trevor Thompson


employed at a Corning lab

Shiho Iwanaga

BS00 Smith

grad U. Washington

Clayton Lapointe


PhD Johns Hopkins, postdoc U Colorado

Karthik Easwar

summer student00

undergrad Columbia U., grad OhioState

Lauren Schiller


Bryn Mawr

Kevin Ann


 grad student BU

Justin Yeslow-Finn


 grad study UMass Boston

Megan Juszkiewicz BS06 grad student Stony Brook
Robert Lychev BS06 MS computer science UMass; grad student Georgia Tech
Ashley DaSilva BS07 grad student Penn State
Demitri Balabanov BS08 research assistant UNC Greensboro
Peter Slepchuk BS08  Suffolk Law school
Martin Ries exchange student Masters student Heidelberg
Matt Marzilli undergrad

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