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Archived Events
Chaoqun (Enzo) Jia Defended 11/16/2015
Tao Jiang joined the group 01/19/2015
Andrew Berthaume Defended 11/24/2014
John Guzze defended 12/12/2013
David Champoux defended 12/05/2013
Qiao Li defended 11/15/2012
Dr. Ni is on sabbatical leave in Fall 2012
Samuel Oppong defended 07/10/2012
Telin G. Kim defended 03/29/2012
Gabriel Leiner defended 03/01/2012
Qiao Li joined the group 01/01/2012
Chaoqun (Enzo) Jia joined the group 01/18/2011
Publication list updated and PDFs added
Gabriel Leiner joined the group 01/18/2011
Samuel Oppong joined the group 01/18/2011
Mariya Maslova defended 09/16/2010
Andy Berthaume joined the group 09/07/2010
Gilbert Kim joined the group 09/07/2010
Haizhong Wang defended 05/26/2010
Cheng Zhang joined the group 09/01/2009
Steven Andrews Defended 08/26/2009
Highlight of Research 04/22/2009
Steven Andrews joined the group 09/01/2008
Jia Li joined the group 01/20/2008
Dwayne Henclewood Defended 08/02/2007
Woei Ling Leow Defended 06/19/2007
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