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Dr Daiheng Ni

Daiheng Ni, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Massachusetts Amherst


Address 219 Marston Hall
130 Natural Resources Road
Amherst, MA 01003
E-Mail email
Phone (413) 545-5408
Fax (413) 545-9569
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Ph.D. (2004) Georgia Institute of Technology (Transportation / Operations Res.)
M.Sc. (2003) Georgia Institute of Technology (Industrial Engineering)
M.Sc. (2001) Georgia Institute of Technology (Transportation)
M.Sc. (1994) Beijing Agricultural Engineering University (Mechanical Engineering)
B.Sc. (1991) Jilin University of Technology (Mechanical Engineering)
Research Interests

Air Traffic Modelling and Control
Traffic Flow Theory and Simulation
Connected Vehicle Technology
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Research Community

TRB Committee on Traffic Flow Theory & Characteristics (AHB45)
TRB Joint Simulation Subcommittee (AHB45(1))

What's New
Traffic Flow Theory
This textbook has been published by Elsevier and is available at
Elsevier Store
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