Advances in Equilibrium Modeling, Analysis and Computation

Anna Nagurney, editor

Annals of Operations Research
Volume 44
(April 1993)

J.C.Balzer AG

ISSN: 0254-5330 

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Book Description

This volume presents contributions to the equilibrium literature in a unified, focused study, with the expectation that researchers and practicioners may become more aware of the power, potential, and scope of the various methodologies. Such a volume is needed at this time because the results of equilibrium analysis are of increasing importance to policy-makers and planners alike,  who must obtain the solutions to often large-scale problems in a timely manner.

Moreover, this volume may be used as an educational tool in demonstrating the breath and depth of the state-of-the-art in equilibrium modeling, analysis, and computation. It is hoped that the papers will captivate other researchers by the richness of the problems studied, thereby forging new alliances and, eventually, further breakthroughs. Finally, since equilibrium is the principal paradigm in different disciplines, it is hoped that this volume will establish further synergy between operations research and the asociated fields of economics, finance, regional science, transportation science, among others.

This volume consists of fourteen contributions organized into three sections, Methodological Advances, Economic and Financial Equilibrium, and Network Equilibria. This volume spans a variety of methodological advances in the modeling, analysis, and computation of equilibrium problems, with applications ranging from general economic equilibrium problems, financial equilibrium problems, oligopllistic market equilibrium problems to transportation and spatial price network equilibrium problems.