Deposition of John Good (November14, 1588)

John Good, of Kingston-upon-Thames, confirms the rumors reported in document 5 that John Udall was keeping somebody writing a book on his behalf in a house in nearby Richmond, and reports on other connections of Udall’s: a butcher in Richmond and Thomas Man, a bookseller in London. Authorities were particularly interested in Udall’s association with Man, and in later examinations asked Udall about his reasons for seeing the stationer (document 12).

Source: British Library Harley MS 6849, fol. 159. Printed in Arber (1879), 82.


xiiiio Novemb. Anno Regine Elizabethe &c xxxmo

The depositions of John Good of Kingston upon Thames, sworne and examined deposeth

That hee hath heard that Master Udall kept one continually writinge at Richemond, and did often repayre to the house of one Tye a Butcher there in Richemond, and about a fortenight a goe, once every day for the most parte.

And furder that hee the said Udall doeth frequent the house of one Thomas Manne a Stationer in Pater Noster Rowe [in London].

[not signed]

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