Examination of Walter Rogers (November 29, 1588)

Walter Rogers, a curate in Richmond, confirms the rumors reported in documents 5-6 that John Udall had kept somebody writing a book on his behalf in the Richmond house of Thomas Horton, a man “addicted unto Puritanisme, and a great favorer of that faction.” Rogers also reports that Horton had at one time berated him for condemning Eusebius Paget (1546/47-1617), a Presbyterian divine with a long history of arrest and imprisonment who was suspected early on of being Martin Marprelate (see Black, ed., Marprelate Tracts, 225n134).

Source: British Library Harley MS 6849, fol. 120. Printed in Arber (1879), 82-83. British Library Harley MS 7042, fol. 13 is a transcription made in the early 18th century by the antiquary Thomas Baker.


Vicesmo Nono Novembris 1588

The examinacion of Walter Rogers clerk, minister of Richmond in the countie of Surry, set downe uppon his othe this daie taken before Master Doctor Aubrey. In the presence of John Bedill Notary publique.

Saith, that aboute the Moneth of September [1588] last, this Examinate being in companie with one William Parkes dwellinge in Ritchmond aforesaid, amongst other speeches which then passed betwene them, the said Parkes did open, and declare to this Examinate, that he was informed by some of Hortons howse in Richmond, that there was at the same time a certen person, writinge of a booke in the same Hortons howse, for and in the behalf of Master Udall of Kingston, but what the booke did containe, or what the name of the person that wrote the same was, he did not declare, neither hath this Examinate had the certentie thereof, nor as yet can by anie meanes lerne.

Sayth further that in, or about the time aforesaid, the said Udall did divers times resort to the Howse of the said Horton, who is a man addicted unto Puritanisme, and a great favorer of that faction, as his neighbors who hath sene him there, hath credeblie advertized this Examinate.

And further sayth, that about Michaelmas [September 29, 1588] last past, this Examinate comminge to the howse of the said Horton, and asking him for his Duties [tithes], the said Horton burst into a great rage with this Examinate, in that (as he said) this Examinate Did condemne Paget the Precher, sayinge further, that he did hope to see this Examinate, and all the rest of this Examinates profession that were addicted as he was, pulled owt of the church by the Eares.

Walter Rogers.

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