University of Massachusetts Amherst - Psychology - Dr. Lisa S. Scott

Lisa S. Scott, Associate Professor

Area: Developmental Psychology (Division 5)
Office: Tobin Hall 413

Department of Psychology
Neuroscience and Behavior Program
University of Massachusetts
135 Hicks Way
Amherst, MA 01003
Phone: 413 545 5965
Fax: 413 545 0996
E-Mail: lscott[at]
Curriculum Vitae

My research involves the study of the neural mechanisms of perceptual category learning and perceptual experience in primarily developmental, but also adult, populations. Using both behavioral and electrophysiological methods (high-density event-related potentials), my work focuses on how specific visual experiences influence how infants and adults learn to recognize and categorize various types of objects (including faces, cars, birds, etc).

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