Prof. L. Lovett

Paper Cover Sheet

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.             My paper is typed, double-spaced in a ten or twelve point font with one inch margins on all sides. My last name and page number are on the top of each page.

.             I have provided references for all quotations and paraphrases using Chicago NOTE reference style.

.             My paper makes a clear historical argument based on refutable claims that are supported by evidence.

.             Recognizing that I want to engage my readers with my ideas from the very beginning, I have given my paper a title that reflects my paper's argument and intrigues my readers.

.             Recognizing that historians pursue an understanding of who did what in the past and why, I have eliminated passive sentence construction from my paper where possible and have tried to limit myself to a maximum of 1-2 sentences in passive voice construction per page. This not only makes clearer my understanding of historical agency but also helps to tighten my writing, making it understandable and interesting to a larger audience.

.             I have read and understand the Policy on Academic Integrity at

.             Recognizing that this is a formal assignment and that I want to convey as clearly as possible to my audience that I take my work seriously, I have carefully proofread my entire paper.

I affirm that I have read and understand these requirements and that I have followed them to the best of my ability:

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