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Lisa Green


Office: 310 South College
Office: (413) 577-0937
fax: (413) 545-2792

Office Hours:

Wednesday 10-11:30, Thursday 11-12:30


  • Syntax
  • Syntactic Variation
  • African American English:
    • Acquisition and Development
    • Tense and Aspect
    • Left Periphery Phenomena


Spring 2012

  • Linguist 201: Introduction to Linguistic Theory
  • Linguist 594A: Structure of African American English

Selected publications


  • 2011. Language and the African American Child. Cambridge University Press.
  • 2002. African American English: A Linguistic Introduction. Cambridge University Press.
  • In Preparation. With Sonja Lanehart and Jennifer Bloomquist (eds.). Oxford Handbook of African American Language. Oxford University Press.


  • In preparation. “Force, Focus, and Negation in African American English.”
  • 2007. with Tom Roeper. “The Acquisition Path for Aspect: Remote Past and Habitual in Child African American English.” Language Acquisition. 269- 313.
  • 2007. with Tom Roeper. “Node Labels and Features: Stable and Unstable Dialects and Variation in Acquisition.” Linguistic Variation Yearbook 7, 1-26.
  • 2000. “Aspectual Be-Type Constructions and Coercion in African American English.”Natural Language Semantics, 8, 1-25.