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Leng-Feng Lee
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Locomotion Research Group)
Dept. of Kinesiology, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Email: lengfenglee(at)kin.umass.edu
Website: http://people.umass.edu/lengfeng/

Welcome !
You can call me 'Lee', or 'Leng-Feng'. Here you can find out more about my research work and my teaching activities.

You can also visit my YouTube channel (research activities): YouTube.

About Me:

I am currently (since Jan. '11) a Post-doc with the Locomotion Research Group in the Dept. of Kinesiology, University of Massachesetts Amherst. I work with Dr. Brian Umberger (& collaboration with researchers at Stony Brooks University) to study morphological and energetic factors in the evolution of human locomotion.

I obtained my B.S.('03), M.S.('05), and Ph.D. ('11) in Mechanical Engineering from UNIVERSITY at BUFFALO (UB), The State University of New York. My advisor is Dr. Krovi. Before I joined the Ph.D. program, I am a Project Engineer with SmartPill Corporation, a company in downtown buffalo.

My research involves several inter-related areas:
- Musculoskeletal Modeling and Analysis of Biped Locomotion, exoskeleton system;
- Musculoskeletal Analysis based Optimization of Rehabilitation Programs Refinement.
- Analysis and Design Optimization of In-Parallel Haptic Devices;
- Motion Planning for Multi-robot Collective using Artificial Potential Field Method;

I enjoyed teaching. From Spring '07, till Fall '10 (including Summer in '07 and '08, minus Fall '07), I was given the oppotunity to teach a junior level course in the department - "MAE377: Product Design in CAD Environment". In Fall 2010, I also teach a senior/grad level class - "MAE477/577: CAD Applications". You can find out more about these efforts in 'Teaching' page.


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