Consent Form

1. What is this form?
Consent forms, a requirement in most academic research, are intended to provide information about the study so respondents can make informed decisions about their participation in a research study.

2. Who is eligible to participate?
Any person over the age of eighteen (18) who is interested in discussing their opinions and experiences with pro-anorexia.

3. What is the purpose of this study?
The purpose of this research study is to investigate experiences within the pro-anorexic movement. I am interested in gathering life experience stories from people who are familiar with pro-anorexic websites.

4. Where will the study take place and how long will it last?
The research will be conducted online. Completing the survey could take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, but the duration depends on the amount of detail contributed to each question by the individual. This survey may be filled out at the participants leisure before March 1, 2011.

5. What will I be asked to do?
If you agree to participate in this study, you will be asked your opinions on pro-anorexia and participation in this phenomenon.

There will be a written survey that is distributed online. Participants may fill it out at their convenience, with no time limit. The results of this survey will never be used in conjunction with identifying information.

6. What are my benefits of being in this study?
You may not benefit directly from this research; however, I hope that your participation in the study may shed some light member experiences of the pro-anorexic movement and will hopefully provide a richer picture of pro-anorexia for the purpose of academic inquiry.

7. What are my risks of being in this study?
I believe there are no known risks associated with this research study; however, a possible inconvenience may be the time it takes to complete the survey.

8. How will my personal information be protected?
Names are not collected in this study and email addresses will be kept confidential.

The following procedures will be used to protect the confidentiality of your study records. The researcher will keep all study records in a secure location (for example, a locking file cabinet). Research records will be labeled with a code. A master key that links names and codes will be maintained in a separate and secure location. The master key will be destroyed six (6) years after the close of the study. All electronic files containing identifiable information will be password protected. Any computer hosting such files will also have password protection to prevent access by unauthorized users. Only the members of the research staff will have access to the passwords. At the conclusion of this study, the researcher may publish the findings. Information will be presented in a summary format and you will not be identified in any publications or presentations.

Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in cases of child abuse and neglect; I am required to report such happenings to the appropriate authorities.

9. What if I have questions?
Take as long as you like to make your decision. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about this study. If you have further questions about this project or if you have a research-related problem, you may contact the student researcher (my contact information is on the About the Researcher page). If you have any questions concerning your rights as a research subject, you may contact the University of Massachusetts Amherst Human Research Protection Office (HRPO) at 413.545.3428 or

10. Can I stop being in this study?
You do not have to be in this study if you do not want to. If you do agree to be in the study, but later change your mind, you may drop out at any time. There are no penalties or consequences of any kind if you decide that you do not want to participate.

11.What if I am injured?
The University of Massachusetts does not have a program for compensating subjects for injury or complications related to human subjects research, but the study personnel will assist you in getting treatment.


1) Complete the consent form. 2) Complete the survey.


I am a graduate student in the University of Massachusetts Amherst's Department of Sociology.


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