Philosophy 160: Introduction to Ethics
Spring 2006:  Professor Klement

Logic Quiz Study Guide

The quiz will have two parts: (1) 5 multiple choice or true/false questions, and (2) an argument written in plain English which you'll have to extract into a logically valid form and then evaluate.

The multiple-choice or true/false portion may cover any of the following topics:

What an argument is.
What a statement or proposition is.
What the premises and conclusion of an argument are, and how they are identified.
What it means for an argument to be (deductively) valid.
What it means for an argument to be factually correct.
What it means for an argument to be sound.
Whether all sound arguments have true premises and/or a true conclusion.
Whether all unsound arrguments have false premises and/or a false conclusion, etc.
What modus tollens and modus ponens arguments are.
In general, what an argument form is, and what differentiates valid forms from invalid ones.

In short, anything in the lecture notes from the "Introduction to Logic" unit is fair game.

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