Lectures: Perry

I. The problem of personal identity

II. The Set-up to the Dialogues

III. The Kleenex box

IV. Sam's first theory: Personal identity is based on the sameness of immaterial soul.

V. Problems with "Same body, same self"

VI. Knowledge via Psychology

VII. Abstracting from one's own case.

VIII. Objections to Gretchen's theory

IX. The Memory Theory

X. Actually remembering and seeming to remember

XI. The Caused-in-the-right-way Hypothesis

XII. Introduction to the Third Night

XIII. The Julia North Case (Not an actual event, but the characters pretend it is.)

XIV. The Supreme Court and Convention

XV. Supposed Advantages of Memory/Brain Theory

XVI. Brain Rejuvenation

XVII. Are we even interested in personal identity?

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