Lectures: Butler (Beauvoir)

I. Prefatory Material

A. Why I chose this piece

B. Beauvoir's life

C. Judith Butler

II. Beauvoir's contributions to feminist philosophy

III. Body as Historical Idea

1. Sex/Gender distinction

2. Gender as cultural construction

III. One Becomes a Woman

1. Problems with this locution

2. Gender is active

3. Cultural Constraints

IV. Women, Subjects and the Other

V. "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman"

1. The Popular Myth

2. What's wrong with the Myth

3. No substantial gender

VI. Progress

1. If I act in an "unnatural fashion" I in effect begin to reconceptualize gender boundaries

2. Over time, by acting certain ways, we can change gender, and even create new gender categories

3. A big part of it is changing vocabularly

4. There is constraint, but it is cultural, not biological, and is subject to confusion and inevitable demise

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