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[Descartes animation] René Descartes (1596-1650)

Phil 100, Lecture 1A, Fall 2001
MW 2:30 in Hasbrouck Lab Addition 20
Professor Kevin Klement
Teaching Assistants Michael Rubin, Stephan Torre and Brandt Van der Gaast

Welcome to the wonderful world of philosophy!

Course Syllabus
This provides basic information about the course, including a rough schedule of assignments, exam and paper due dates, course policies, grading information, Kevin's office hours and related information. 
* Click here to view the syllabus
Discussion Sections
Section Number Meeting Time Building Room TA
1A 162680 TH 9.05 MACH W-25 Torre
2A 162687 TH 10.10 MACH W-25 Torre
3A 162694 TH 11.15 TOBN 304 Van der Gaast
4A 162701 TH 12.20 TOBN 204 Rubin
5A 162708 TH 1.25 SOM 106 Torre
6A 162715 TH 2.30 HERT 117 Van der Gaast
7A 162722 TH 9.05 MACH W-24 Rubin
8A 162729 TH 10.10 MACH W-24 Van der Gaast
9A 162736 TH 11.15 TOBN 204 Rubin

Sections 1A, 2A and 5A (Stephan Torre's sections) have their own specialized web page, which can be reached by following this link:

Lecture Notes
Below I've included the lecture notes I prepared for myself last time I taught this course. Please beware that I prepared these notes primarily for my own use, not yours, and that I am likely to make changes and additions to my lectures this semester that would not be reflected in these notes. For these and other reasons, simply reading these notes is no substitute for attending lecture.
* Introduction to metaphysics and epistemology
* Introduction to logic (updated 9/16/01)
* Descartes lectures
* Berkeley lectures
* Sartre lectures
* Butler/Beauvoir lectures
* Armstrong lectures
* Perry lectures
Reading Questions
Philosophical texts can be challenging to read. Below I've prepared a series of questions for each text we'll be covering in the course. If you attempt to answer these questions while you're reading the text, you may find it easier to understand the arguments and issues that are being addressed. (These are meant to make the reading assignments easier on you. Unless otherwise specified by your TA, use of these questions is optional.) 
* Descartes questions
* Berkeley questions
* Sartre questions
* Butler/Beauvoir questions
* Armstrong questions
* Perry questions 
Other Info
This is a space for miscellansous other course materials. 
* Grammar handout
* 101 expressions to use instead of "feels that" (very important!)
* Logic worksheet (a set of exercises designed to help students learn the notion of validity)
* Tips for writing good papers and exams
* Midterm exam (take home) (due on October 25)
* Paper assignment (due on November 29)
* Final exam (due on December 21)
Online Texts
A few of the texts that we use in the course are available free in electronic form on the World Wide Web. Enjoy!
* Meditations on First Philosophy by René Descartes 
* Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous by George Berkeley 
* " Existentialism is a Humanism" by Jean-Paul Sartre (This is only the first part of your assigned reading on Sartre.)
There are hundreds of philosophy related sites on the internet. I couldn't possibly list them all here. But I have a selected a few, some of which are about philosophers we're studying. Others are of more general philosophical interest. 
* René Descartes at
* René Descartes at 
* George Berkeley at 
* George Berkeley at
* George Berkeley at
* Jean-Paul Sartre at
* Jean-Paul Sartre at
* Jean-Paul Sartre at
* Jean-Paul Sartre at
* Simone de Beauvoir at
* Simone de Beauvoir at
* Simone de Beauvoir at
* John Perry's Homepage at (made by Perry himself) 
* The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
* Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
* Episteme Links: Online Guide to Philosophy Resources (contains links to information about all aspects of philosophy, including philosophers, e-texts, online journals, organizations, discussion groups, etc.)
* UMass Department of Philosophy Home Page
* Kevin's Home Page (includes links to information about my other courses)
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