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Kirby Farrell’s most recent book is Berserk Style in American Culture. 

He is the author of Post-Traumatic Culture: Injury and Interpretation in the 90s and books about Shakespeare and the Renaissance.  His novels include Cony-Catching and the mysteries Snuff and The American Satan. 

The writer moonlights as a jazz pianist.  You can find some of his compositions and recordings here

As University of Massachusetts professor, he combines anthropological, psychological, and historical perspectives to focus on texts as behavior.  You can see what he’s up to in courses such as Victorian Monstrosity here

For the Ernest Becker Foundation he has lectured on radical existential criticism, the psychology of violence, and social justice, and is “The Psychic Bartender” in the EBF’s blog, The Denial File.

Wearing another hat, he is an editor of English Literary Renaissance and the European journal Kritikon Litterarum.  Currently he is writing (again) about Oscar Wilde and working on new fiction.

You can reach him at <<kfarrell@english.umass.edu


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