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Dr. Kalidas Shetty

Title:      Professor
Specialty:  Food Biotechnology
Office:     Room 340, Chenoweth Lab.
Off. Tel.:  (413) 545-1022
Lab(s):     Rooms 101, 424, 426 & 431, Chenoweth Lab.
Lab. Tel.:  (413) 545-3505 (Rm. 101), 577-0096 (Rm. 424)
E-mail:     [KSadrs12p.jpg]
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Research Interests and Summary

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Concept for Biotechnology and Metabolic Biology of Functional Foods:

  • Biochemical and physiological regulation of phenolic secondary metabolites and proline- linked pentose phosphate pathway (PLPPP) for redox regulation in plants for functional food and health applications.
  • Solid-state bioprocessing and fermentation technology for value-added ingredients for functional foods and role of redox regulation and PLPPP.
  • Role of phenolic phytochemicals in redox regulation and host-antioxidant response through PLPPP and its significance for human health and wellness.
  • Role of phenolic phytochemicals for antimicrobial strategies through modulation of PLPPP.
  • Phytoremediation of environmental pollutants and role of phenolic metabolism and PLPPP for redox regulation in mechanism of stress/pollutant tolerance.
  • Recruiting dietary phytochemicals to counter human exposure to toxic organic pollutants and regulation through redox modulation and PLPPP.





1) Dietary Phenolic Antimicrobials and Inhibition of Helicobacter pylori and Food-Borne Bacterial Pathogens

2) Functional Food-Relevant Phenolic Phytochemicals for Type 2 Diabetes & Hypertension Management

3) Bio-Processed Enrichment of Phenolic Phytochemicals for Health Applications

4) Mechanism of Action of Phenolic Phytochemicals

5) Phenolic Phytochemicals and Environmental Adaptation of Plants

6) Research Collaborations on Applications of Phenolic Phytochemicals


Food Biotechnology (Taylor and Francis)

Select Recent Publications:

  • Lee, O-H., Kwon, Y-I., Apostolidis, E., Shetty, K. and Kim., Y-C. (2011). Rhodiola-induced inhibition of adipogenesis involves antioxidant response associated with pentose phosphate pathway. Phytotherapy Ressearch, 25: 106-115.
  • Sarkar, D., Bhowmik, P.C., Kwon, Y-I. and Shetty, K. (2011). The role of proline-associated pentose phosphate pathway in cool-season turfgrasses after UV-B exposure. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 70: 251-258.
  • Sarkar, D., Bhowmik,P.C., Kwon, Y-I. and Shetty, K. (2010) Effects of marine peptide and chitosan oligosaccharide on high and low phenolic creeping bentgrass clonal lines and improvement of antioxidant enzyme response. Agronomy Journal, 102:981-989.
  • Adyanthaya, I., Kwon, Y-I., Apostolidis, E. and Shetty, K. (2010) Health benefits of apple phenolics from post-harvest stages for potential Type 2 diabetes management using in vitro models. J. Food Biochemistry, 34: 31-49.
  • Ranilla, L.G., Apostolidis, E., Genovese, M.I., Lajolo. F.M. and Shetty, K. (2009) Evaluation of indigenous grains from the Peruvian Andean region for anti-diabetes and anti-hypertension potential using in vitro methods. J. Medicinal Food, 12: 704-713.
  • Shetty, K. and Wahlqvist, M.L. (2004) A model for the role of proline-linked pentose phosphate pathway in phenolic phytochemical biosynthesis and mechanism of action for human health and environmental applications. Asia Pacific J. Clinical Nutrition, 13: 1-24.

Complete list of publications and patents


Books Published:

Food Biotechnology [Shetty, K., Paliyath, G., Pometto, A.L. III and Levin, R.E. (eds)]. CRC Press (Taylor and Francis Co), Boca Raton, FL.

Functional Foods and Biotechnology [Shetty, K., Paliyath, G., Pometto, A.L. III and Levin, R.E. (eds)]. CRC Press (Taylor and Francis Co), Boca Raton, FL.

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