SongEasy v4.4
StepMania and UltraStar creation made easy!
Now has its own Karaoke game included!

Download Current Version:
SongEasy v4.4 (zip file)

(Requires Windows Media Player 10+, .NET 3.5+ and SDL.NET)

Do you like Karaoke / UltraStar Deluxe? Do you like Dance Dance Revolution / StepMania?
But you do not have 'your song' you want to sing or dance to?

It is easy and free with SongEasy! This program contains no malware.. just a simple application I made to make songs easier!

1) Set the "Songs" directory. This is usually C:\Program Files\StepMania\Songs or C:\Program Files\UltraStar Deluxe\Songs
2) Pick the song. It can be either an OGG or MP3 from any directory.
3) Set the Beats per Minute. This can be done by Playing the song, and tapping 'B' to the beat. Make sure to hit at least 15 beats for accuracy. For more accuracy, after finding the exact BPM, tap 'F' at a slow song speed to find the exact "first beat" time.
4) Set the cover and background images or videos. This is optional.
UltraStar Lyrics 1) Copy the lyrics for your song to the clipboard via a website.
UltraStar Lyrics 2) Optional: Paste the lyrics into 'notepad' or some text editing program. Add in hyphens ("-") for multi-syallble words (or words that change in pitch, like 'an-y-where'). Copy all of these updated lyrics to the clipboard.
UltraStar Lyrics 3) Click the 'Load Lyrics from Clipboard' button.
UltraStar Lyrics 4) Play the song, and hold the 'L' key when the displayed word / syllable is being sung.
UltraStar Lyrics 5) If you make a mistake, press the 'X' key to go back a word.
UltraStar Lyrics 6) When done, click the "Save UltraStar Song" button.
UltraStar Pitch 1) Choose whether you want to set the pitch with a MIDI, or with your voice (or other recording device).
UltraStar Pitch MIDI 1) Find the MIDI to your song. The MIDI does NOT need to include the lyrics -- it only needs to include the vocal tones.
UltraStar Pitch MIDI 2) Load the MIDI, and find the vocal track and vocal instrument by pulling down the menus and hitting 'Play'. This involves some trial-and-error, as many MIDIs are named poorly.
UltraStar Pitch MIDI 3) Click "Begin". Only the vocal instrument will be played; tap 'N' while the displayed lyric tone is played.
UltraStar Pitch Mic 1) Setup a few options -- the defaults are best if you are going to sing along to the MP3/OGG to record pitch.
UltraStar Pitch Mic 2) Click "Begin". Depending on your options, you may need to tap / hold 'N' while the tone is being recorded for the displayed lyric.
UltraStar Pitch 2) If you make a mistake, tap 'R' to go back to the last note added.
UltraStar Pitch 3) Click "Save Pitch". The song's txt file will be updated with the matched notes. Done!
StepMania 1) Play the song. Tap or hold W/A/S/D to place arrows (correspond to Up/Left/Down/Right). Holding Shift places mines instead.
StepMania 2) If you make a mistake, tap 'C'. This will erase the last arrow placed and rewind the music.
StepMania 3) Click the "Save StepMania Song" button. 3 difficulties for your song will be automatically generated (beginner, easy and medium).
StepMania 4) If you make changes with an external editor, and you want to propogate changes to other difficulties, load the SM file and then re-save the SM.

NOTE 1) You can left-click the progress bar below to jump to different parts of the song (not supported with MIDIs). Right-clicking the same progress bar pauses/resumes the song.
NOTE 2) Files are saved to the "Songs" directory you have selected. This puts them where UltraStar / StepMania expects them automatically.

This karaoke game has a few advantages over UltraStar Deluxe:

* Uses FFT to detect the pitch of your voice, which is more accurate.
* Supports playing karaoke tracks in different folders -- even across networks.
* Uses a scrolling track to display lyrics; this makes it easier to judge timing.
* Difficulty is set to "normal", but bonus points are given for hitting the exact note.
* The "life bar" is larger and more accurate.
* Has a pretty lyric visualization that changes size and color with your voice.
* Freestyle notes are actually displayed and scored.
NOTE: Videos are currently unsupported.


1) Pick your UltraStar songs folder. This will help SongEasy find the songs each time you start the dashboard.
2) Go to the "Karaoke" tab. If you already have a song picked, you can hit "Play Current Song". Otherwise, hit "Open Karaoke Dashboard".
3) If you do not see a list of songs, import them with the button below.
4) Sing! Press 'Q' to quit early if you desire.
5) To change the microphone sensitivity, go to the Pitch tab and select "Microphone/Line-in". The option for threshold sensitivity appears.
6) If you get a high score, you will be prompted for your name after you finish singing.

Visual Basic Express 2008 Source here: SongEasy-v4.3-Source.7z.

Creative Commons License
SongEasy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
Based on a work at

This program is free, but if you like what I do, I highly appreciate donations ($1 is great!) :)
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