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Curriculum Vitae

Course: Affect and Cognition

Emotions have been the subject of intense research during the last few decades, and considerable progress has been made. The articles on this web site represent a modest contribution to that collective effort. Whatever value the articles may have owes much to colleagues and students, only a few of whom are explicitly mentioned as co-authors. (A more extensive list of publications and collaborators can be found on Curriculum Vitae.)

To facilitate browsing, the articles are divided into four categories. The placement of an article within a category is by dominant theme; most articles are relevant to more than one category. To view or download an article, go to the relevant category and click on the title of the article.

Historical Studies. Emotions have puzzled and fascinated thinkers for as long as records exist. The articles in this section examine aspects of that history, ancient as well as modern.

Theoretical Perspectives. These articles build toward a general theory of emotion, primarily from a social psychological perspective.

Emotions and Creativity. Emotions are frequent accompaniments of creative activity; they also can be creative products in their own right.

Specific Emotions. Each article in this section is devoted to a specific emotion, including anger, grief, love, hope, happiness, solitude, aesthetic experiences, and mystical states.

Downloading of articles is for “fair use” only, that is, individual copies for educational or research purposes