John P Hewitt


On June 15, 2002 I retired from teaching at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where I was a faculty member for 32 years. We spent the next eight years in the Sonoran Desert just outside Tucson, Arizona, where Myrna and I had built an abobe home in 1997-98,  anticipating retirement. In 2008 we purchased a home in Columbus, Ohio, near our daughter and her family, and in 2010 we became year-round residents of Columbus. My scholarly interests remain as before: symbolic interactionism, social psychology, and the self and identity. The 10th edition of Self and Society: A Symbolic Interactionist Social Psychology was published in 2006, and the 11th edition, now with a co-author, David Shulman, in 2010. Links below point to my CV and to my personal web page.



Professor of Sociology, Emeritus

University of Massachusetts, Amherst