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"Facilities Planning and Design" Textbook


by Alberto Garcia-Diaz and James MacGregor Smith

[Prentice Hall, 2007. Read more ...]

Facilities planning is concerned with the design, layout, location, and accommodation of people, machines, and activities of a system or enterprise (manufacturing or service) within a physical spatial environment.
There are collections of people, machines, vehicles and processes accommodated within the physical environment so that the objectives of the system or enterprise (e.g. hospital, bank, manufacturing, telecommunications call center, etc.) housed within the facility can be satisfactorily achieved.

The purpose of the textbook Facilities Planning and Design is to present the fundamental principles, tools, and methods involved in facility planning. The unifying or integrating concept in the book is the comprehensive Factory Project through which the students learn the fundamental concepts and also how to apply the fundamental principles to a practical and informative design exercise.