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Presentations and Talks

Build Boston Power Point Presentation (January 6, 2002)

Presentation to Build Boston Conference November 14th, 2001. Provides an overview of modelling circulation systems in building with M/G/C/C queueing networks and of modelling manufacturing and other public facility environments with simulation models. The Power Point presentation is over 3.0 Mb. Download Power Point Presentation.

Site Selection and Building Rennovation Manual (June 2, 2000)

This is the basis for a multi-attribute, multi-criteria decision making approach to land use planning and site selection. It is a comprehensive survey document with many details and an interesting approach to siting decisions using site location models. This document was the basis for a recent U.S. AID trip to Russia to provide an objective basis for land use planning and siting decisions. Seminars were given by Prof J. MacGregor Smith in Pskov, Novgorod, and St. Petersburg Russia. Download:PDFPostScript


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