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Welcome to Dynamic Facilities Layout and Simulation Modeling Lab

Our laboratory conducts research in the following areas
  • Topological network design
  • Facility layout and location
  • Stochastic network design and analysis
  • Steiner minimal Trees in 3-dimensions
  • State dependent queueing network analysis and finite buffer queueing network models

One of more recent research interest, is the modelling of proteins and other biochemical structures with Combinatorial Optimization as well as Computational Geometry concepts and algorithms.
One of the unique modelling tools developed in our research is concerned with dynamic traffic flow models using queueing theory and queueing networks.We couple our modeling approach with geographic information systems (GIS) to design regional evacuation models.

Real world applications of our research include  
  • Design and layout of manufacturing plants, health care facilities, and many other production and service oriented systems
  • Analysis of routing in large transportation networks
  • Modeling and evaluation of building and vehicular evacuation in case of emergencies

    The laboratory has carried out many and varied projects for manufacturing and service industries in and around Massachusetts