UMass, Amherst


Dynamic Traffic Flow Modelling Laboratory (Dyams) is a laboratory where we conduct studies
of manufacturing and service oriented industries to design and analyze the flow of
customers and commodities and optimize this flow.

Key Objectives

o To provide the best available advice to manufacturing and service system
organizations on the optimizal utilization and design of thier facilities,
resources, and services.
o To enable one to both visualize their system and understand how to improve
their system to achieve an optimal level of performance.
o To involve the customer in the modelling process so as to provide the best
possible formulation of the problem and the most apprpriate tools for resolving
the problem in an optimum manner.

Key Tools

Queueing network models as well as simulation models are utilizied to capture
the dynamic congestion in facilities and in vehicular networks.
Dyams provides the technology necessary to integrate the facility layout
and configuration of machines and equipment with the dynamic analysis of jobs,
customers, and entities flowing through a system so that an overall picture of
system performance can be achieved. Throughput, work-in-process, cycle times,
queues, bottlenecks and material handling system measures can be evaluated.
Also, once the flow model has been created, we can synthesize the system and
make recommendations on the optimal configuration, number, and types of equipment
resources. Below are some of the software tools available:

o Multi-Attribute Facility Layout and Design MAFLAD
o Stochastic Quadratic Assignment Problem SQAP
o Optimization and Decision Analysis Tools
o Open and Closed Queueing Network models QNET/CNET
o Simulation of Integrated Manufacturing Systems SIMAN/ARENA.
o Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique GERT

Past Projects

o Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Newton, MA.
o Danaher Tool Company, Springfield, MA
o Engineered Polymers, West Springfield MA
o Ewing Power Systems, Montague MA
o HBA Castings, Springfield MA
o Hillside Plastics, Montague, MA
o Holyoke Gas and Electric, Holyoke, MA
o Lunt Silversmiths, Greenfield, MA
o Magnat Rolls, Easthampton, MA
o Monsanto Chemical, Indian Orchard, MA