I am a formal semanticist interested in the interaction between semantics and its syntactic and pragmatic interfaces. Currently I work at Heinrich Heine Universität in Düsseldorf as a visiting assisstant professor in the Department of Linguistics. Broadly speaking, my research focuses on (i) how semantic composition is constrained by the syntactic structure of sentences, and (ii) how the output of the semantic computation is affected by the context of utterance. In the past I have mainly explored these questions by looking at quantification and plurality related phenomena. Topics that I have worked on include distributivity, numerals, comparatives, superlatives and other degree expressions, focus association and ignorance implicatures. I am particularly interested in non-canonical means to express quantity.

In addition, I have ongoing collaborations with Ethan Poole on the semantic properties of NPI licensing conditions from an experimental perspective, with Athulya Aravind on the acquisition of weak implicatures, and with Stefan Keine and Ethan Poole on certain aspects of the semantics of tough-constructions.