Chili Pepper Diseases

Soil borne fungal diseases
Diseases Caused by Symptoms Control measures
1. Phytophthora Root Rot

Phytopthora root rot

Phytophthora capsici

-Plants are severe wilting

-Plants are defoliated.

-Keep soil well drained

-Raised beds

2. Verticillium Wilt Verticillium dahliae -Yellowing of lower leaves and plant stunting

-No adequate control measures known

-Soil fumigants

3. Rhizoctonia Root Rot Rhizoctonia solani

-Rotted tap root

-Lesions turn reddish-brown

-No specific control measures
4. Damping off Rhizoctonia solani, Phytophthora capsici, Pythium spp., and Fusarium spp -Seedling wilts and die quickly

- Avoid excessive irrigations

-Seed treatment with fungicide

5. Anthracnose

AnthracnoseCollectotrichum spp.

    - Develop as a post-harvest decay of pepper fruits.

    - On mature fruits water-soaked, sunken lesions that rapidly expand

    -Use pathogen-free seed

    -Crop rotation.

    -Fungicides can reduce losses: chlorothalonil or mancozeb

    -Furrow irrigation avoid sprinklers and overhead irrigation