Jerome L. Myers

Psychology Department

Tobin Hall

University of Massachusetts

Amherst, MA 01003

Voice: (413) 545-2331

Fax: (413) 545-0996


Research Interests: Reading, text comprehension, experimental design and analysis

Selected publications may be accessed at my Psychology Department website. Materials designed to aid users in analyzing and plotting data in the R computing environment are available via links from my R website page . These materials include an overview of the scripts that perform the analyses and data plots ("Overview of R Scripts"), a brief introduction to R ("Getting Started with R"), several scripts corresponding to the parts of "Research Design and Statistical Analysis (3rd Ed." (Myers et al., 2010, RDASA3), and a Data Files folder containing csv (comma separated variables) files with the data analyzed in RDASA3. There is also a script to install useful R packages and functions ("Packages and Functions"). Although the scripts and data files are based on RDASA3, possession of the textbook is not necessary for accessing these materials. Just click on the R website link (above) and start by reading the overview pdf file available at my R website.