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Gerda Kunkel's
Spring Watercolors
Locust Gallery
Cooley Dickinson Hospital
March 2004

In Memoriam
Kathleen M. (Krikory) Moser
Gerda's postcard

all sizes are framed dimensions

(1) Watercolor
(2) Watercolor
Easter Breakfast
(3) Watercolor
Miniature Still Life with Peaches
(4) Watercolor
Sweet Peas
(5) Watercolor
Friendship, Maine
(6) Watercolor
Herring Cove
Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canada

(7) Watercolor
Race Point Beach in Winter, Provincetown, Cape Cod
(8-9) Watercolor
The Marsh at Trunk River, Woods Hole, Cape Cod
(10) Watercolor
Sunset at Nobska
(11) Watercolor
Lobster Shack
(12) Watercolor
Woods Hole
(13) Watercolor
North Sea Trawler
(14) Watercolor
North Sea Mud Flats at  Low Tide, Horumsiel, Germany
(15) Watercolor
North Sea, Horumsiel, Germany
(16) Watercolor
Fraueninsel, Bavaria, Germany
(17) Watercolor
Heidelberg - Ziegelhausen, Germany
(18) Watercolor and ink
Ruins of the Roman Emperor's Baths, Trier, Germany
(19) Watercolor
Roman Arch, Trier, Germany
(20) Watercolor
Ramersdorf Church, Munich, Germany
(21) Watercolor
Munich - Isartor
(22) Watercolor
View of Bavarian Village with Onion-domed Church
(23) Watercolor
Herrshing am Ammersee
(near Munich)
(24) Watercolor
Swiss Alps, at Grindlewald
(25) Watercolor
Abstract with Daylilies
(26) Watercolor
Daffodils in Glass Jar
(27) Watercolor
Queen Anne's Lace and Sweetpeas,
(28) Watercolor
(29) Watercolor
Anemonies #2
(30) Watercolor
Plum Still Life Trilogy:  Just Plums
(31) Watercolor
Plum Still Life Trilogy: Cherries and Plums
(32) Watercolor
Plum Still Life Trilogy: Cherries and Plums #2
(33) Watercolor
Wedding Table Centerpiece
(34) watercolor and acrylic
Wedding Centerpiece #2
(35) mixed media
Black Tulips
(36) Watercolor
Begonia in McCoy pot
(37) Watercolor
Pansy Faces
(38) Watercolor
Peak of the Season
(39) Watercolor
Wild Thing: Floral Fantasy
(40) Acrylic
In the Quabbin
(41) Watercolor
Aspens - San Francisco Mts, near Flagstaff, Arizona
(42) Watercolor
Trillium in the Backyard
(43) Watercolor
Hummer at Cardinal Flowers, Echo Hill Pond, Amherst
(44) Watercolor
Study: Black-Eyed Susans
(45) Colored Pencils
Blackeyed Susans
(46) Acrylic on paper
Blue Thistle
(47) Colored pencils and ink
Sunset in Tucson,  Arizona
(48) Watercolor
Happy Landing, Bradley Airport
(49) Watercolor

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