This Watercolor Show is dedicated to the memory of my friend, Kathy, who was a patient here at Cooley Dickinson last spring undergoing radiation therapy for brain cancer.
    Some of us were privileged to know Kathy, to drive her to treatments and get to experience the courage and optimism of this one brave lady, secondary school music teacher, professional musician, and inspirational church member.
    Kathy knew about this upcoming show.  She was excited about it because she was so happy about the quality care and friendship she shared here at the Hospital.  Knowing she must retire from teaching, Kathy looked forward to a new phase of life and had already committed to volunteering in the Gift Shop/Coffee Shop area of the Hospital a couple of times a week.  Even as she struggled with her final illness, Kathy wanted to give back to others.  She remained optimistic and active to the end.
    Kathy's time was cruelly cut short.  She passed away last fall in Pennsylvania, surrounded by her dedicated family.  She never had her chance to be a Gift Shop volunteer and further share her skills, her wit and banter with staff and other patients. Therefore, we must carry on in her place this spring.  Our efforts must fill her mighty shoes, and she always put her best foot forward!!  Inspired by her, I hope to be doing the same. -  Gerda Kunkel