Flowers, Trees, Skies and Seas
Spring Watercolors

March 2004


There are approximately fifty pieces in this show.  They represent my work ranging from outdoor subjects to still life.  The scenes were painted both locally and while travelling.  I am interested in the process of abstraction.  How far can one digress from a natural image and still retain a "feel" of recognition?  What visual characteristics signal recognition to the viewer, and which ones are better edited out?  The works speak for themselves and show a full range of interpretation, from closer observation to more free-flung imaginative variations.  My hope is to inspire others to try their hand at this, too! 

I am a New England artist who paints in oils and watercolors and holds a B.A. and M.A. in art history from Case Western Reserve University.  For many years, I also worked in stained glass.  This is my third local show, having previously exhibited at Gallery 10, as well as in the Burnett Gallery, both in Amherst, Ma.  I also have works on display in Portland, Maine.  Currently, I reside in Amherst and frequent Portland, Maine, to visit my family there and receive inspiration from the sea.  Hopefully, this show is enjoyable for you.  Gerda Kunkel
74 Stony Hill Road, Amherst, Ma 01002
Tel: 413-253-339l