Explanation of this exhibit:

This group of large-scale oils explores a range of events and moods by means of gesture and color. Rendering of actual objects comes from memory rather than observation, keeping representation to a minimum. This exhibit is not meant to be a series; rather, it is an expressive exploration of random events. What is painted is not as important as how it is painted. A broad range of subjects has emerged, as the titles - added after the works were completed- suggest. Although each work had considerable formal planning devoted to its beginning stages, every painting unfolded uniquely as an adventure in abstract expressionism. The large scale was chosen to keep artistic process in full and obvious view, allowing for challenges that small-scale painting does not always provide. The aim is to invite the viewer to participate - - to see images, to relate the space, line, and color to personal association. In some works, the texture of the paint becomes very important. Each painting took about two months to complete, and the titles refer to events taking place while the creative process evolved. A whole range of emotion is implied: humor; wonder, fear, even utter confusion! By risking spontaneity, by seeing each work as "research in paint", the artist communicates to viewers the excitement of using our creative powers. Let the work speak for itself!  Gerda


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