Finding Good Work                                        ….begins with wonder!

There is a difference between finding a job and engaging in good work.  The great British economist, E.F. Schumacher, author of the classic text Small is Beautiful, wrote a lovely book called Good Work about this topic.  According to Schumacher, good work needs to provide three things:

1.     Good work should provide a decent living (food, clothing, housing etc.).

2.     Good work should enable the worker to use and perfect their native gifts.

3.     Good work should allow the worker the opportunity to serve, collaborate and work with other people to free us from “our inborn egocentricity.” 

Finding a job may serve the first need without addressing the other two.  I encourage you not to sell yourself short.  Consider this short essay by Derrick Jensen “Who Are You?” before you choose a career.  It may also help if you develop your own Personal Holistic Goal.

To find good work, you may begin with a search of the following databases.  Then have a look at green work.   But if you don’t find it in these lists, create your own! Many of the UMass Sustainable Food and Farming Students are doing just that.  An article in UMass Magazine claims most of the Jobs of the Future” haven’t been invented yet! When you think you may know what you are looking for, search these links:

·       Sustainable Food Jobs (go here first)

·        Wiser Earth Jobs

·        Social Justice Jobs

·        JuJu Sustainability Jobs

·        Grist Job List



Click on the images for examples of jobs






 And for a philosophy on how to live….