On Ideas and Issues

Thought is Not Enough; March 1997

Democracy and Community; 1996

Emerson Quotes; 1995

The Learning Organization; 1993

Leadership; 1993

Modern Science-Derived Knowledge; 1992

Some Thoughts on Adult Learning; 1991

Some Notes on Participation; 1991

Some Thoughts On Epistemology; 1991

Some thoughts on "new ideas"; 1989

Why Do We Need Market Research?; 1989


On Agriculture

Moving Toward Sustainable Land Grant Universities and a Sustainable Farming Community by Serving the Public Good; February 2001

Sustainability and Relevance; September 1999

Agriculture is...; 1997

Integrating Research and Extension Education in the Agricultural Sciences; March 1, 1994

Essex Agriculture & Technical Institute Graduation; April 14, 1993

Farmer's and Scientist's Knowledge; 1991

There must be a better way; Summer 1991

Agriculture Systems Ecology Research and Education For A Sustainable Agriculture; 1990

Principles of Agriculture Sustainability; 1990

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Farmer Participation; 1990


The The University

Universities: Land Grants and Beyond; January, 1997

Universities: Before the Land Grants; 1996

Telecommunications and the University; 1996

Public Accountability; 1995

The Death of the Land Grant System and Steps toward Change; November 1, 1994

A Vision For The Land Grant University Of The 21st Century; 1992


On Extension and Outreach

Extension as a System; March 1997

Marketing UMASS Extension; June 6, 1996

Some thoughts on University Outreach; April 11, 1994

Academic Outreach; 1994

"Ideals and Ideas" on Cooperative Extension; April 1, 1993

Guidelines For Extension; 1992

Some Rambling Thoughts On Change and the Future Of Extension; 1992