Course Options for Concentration focusing on:

Environment and Society

Human Ecology/Political Ecology/Social Ecology

Culture, Politics, and Environment

Social Justice and Environment




200-level courses:

ENVS/GEOG 209: Women and the Environment

ENVS 210: Political Ecology

ENVST 256: Interpreting Nature: Environmental Thinking in Europe from the 17th Century to the Present

GEOG 204: Human Dimensions of Environmental Change

GEOG 217:  African Environments

GNDR 250: Gender in Global Context

ANTH 216:  Anthropology of Nature

SOCI 222j:  Sociology of Environmental Disasters

POLIT 266:  Environmental Politics in America

PHYL 240:  Environmental Ethics

HIST 214: History of Global Inequality

ENGL 267:  Reading and Writing in the World


300-level courses:

ENVS 321: Environmental Justice Theory and Practice

ENVS 321: Race, Gender and the Environment

ENVS 321: Urban Ecology

ENVS 321: Contaminants in the Environment

ENVS 321: International Water Issues and Policies

GEOG 317:  Perspectives on American Environmental History

GEOG 304:  Planning and the Environment

GEOG 319:  Africa: Problems and Prospects

GEOG 313: Environment and Development in the Third World

ANTH 306: Anthropology of Reproduction

ANTH 316:  Political Ecology

SOCI ??:  Environmental Sociology

POLIT 345:  Memories of Overdevelopment

POLIT 313:  The Politics of Poverty

POLIT 348:  Community Development

GNDST 333: Gender and Latin American History

HIST 361:  Environmental History

HIST 301:  Food and Famine in African History

HIST 355:  Contest of Culture: Amerindians and Europeans

ENGL 373: Nature and Gender




HIST 65:  Imperial & Ecology/Africa

HIST 54:  Environmental History of Latin America

HIST 07:  Ecological Imperialism

POSC 85:  States of Poverty

HIST 65:  African Environmental History

HIST 02:  Introduction to Environmental History




SS0285:  Environment/Social Justice

PSYC 01:  Environmental Psychology

NS 0116:  Social Determinants of Health

CS 0247:  Environmental Ethics

SS 0164:  Environmental Policy

NS 0359:  Unnatural Causes

SS 307:  Environment, Culture and Community



SOC 233:  Environment and Society

SOC 232:  World Population

ANT 230:  Africa: Population, Health, and Environmental Issues

LSS 255:  Art and Ecology

EAS 200:  Humans and Nature in China

ANT 241:  Anthropology of Development

SOC 332:  Seminar in Environmental Sociology

EVS 300:  Seminar in Environmental Science and Policy



ANTHRO 208:  Human Ecology

ENVIRSCI 213: Introduction to Environmental Policy

PLSOILIN 285:  Sustainable Living

PSYC@AMH 46:  Environmental Psychology

ENVIRSCI 197E:  Plants & Society

ECON 308:  Political Economy of the Environment

ANTH 370:  Contemporary Issues of North American Indians

GEO-SCI 420:  Political Ecology

LEGAL 497N:  Environmental Justice

LANDARCH 591:  Green Urbanism

PUBHLTH 565:  Environmental Health Practices

ENVIRDES 577:  Urban Policies

ENVIRDES 591B:  Sustainable Cities

PUBHLTH 590N:  Indoor Environment and Health

PUBHLTH 614:  International Health, Population and Development

GEO-SCI 670:  Urban Environmental History

REGIONPL 691R:  People in the Environment

PUBHLTH 690F:  Social Justice

PUBHLTH 690X:  Exposure Assessment in Environmental Public Health


STUDY ABROAD OPTIONS with Environment and Society Themes (a short list)

Living Routes, Brazil, Senegal, India

IES, Beijing

SFS, Costa Rica, Kenya

SIT, Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Ecuador, Vietnam

CIEE, Costa Rica

MHC, Costa Rica, France