Contributing to Sustainability Studies


The following courses satisfy University General Education requirements and have been recommended by BDIC students with concentrations relating to Sustainability Studies. 


Of course, don’t forget PLSOILIN 285 – Sustainable Living taught each spring semester.  This is a GenED (I).  See…


Social Systems

AFROAM 236 History of the Civil Rights Movement (HS)

ANTHRO 104 Culture, Society and People (SB)

ANTHRO 106 Culture Through Film (SB)

ANTRHO 150 Ancient Civilizations (HS)

ANTHRO 208 Human Ecology (SB)

COMM 250 Interpersonal Communication (SB)

COMMHL 160- My Body My Self (I)

COMPLIT 122 Spiritual Autobiography (AL)

COMPLIT 131:  Brave New Worlds (AL)

EDUC 115 Embracing Diversity (I)

ECUC 210 Social Diversity in Education (I)

EDUC 229 International Education (SB)

EDUC 276 Erroneous Beliefs (R2)

HIST 180 Western Science and Technology I (HS)

HIST 181 Western Science and Technology II (HS)

PHIL 100 Intro to Philosophy (AL)

PHIL 160 Introduction to Ethics (AT)

PHIL 163 H Business Ethics (AT)

POLSCI 203 American Political Thought  (HS)

POLSCI 280 Public Policy (SB)

SOC 103 Social Problems (SB)

SOC 105 Self, Society, and Interpersonal Relations (SB)

SOC 106 Race, Gender, Class, and Ethnicity (SB)

SOC 109 Population and Environment (SB)

SOC 224 Social Class Inequality (SB)


Economic Systems

ECON 105 Introduction to Political Economy (SB)

ECON 144 Political Economy of Racism (SB)

LEGAL 250 Introductory Legal Studies (SB)

RESEC 121 World Food: Opportunities and Constraints (SB)

RESEC 262 Environmental Economics (SB)

RESEC 263 Natural Resource Economics (SB)


Biophysical Systems

BIO 102 Animal Biology (BS)

BIO 103 Plant Biology (BS)

BIO 104 General Botany (BS)

BIO 105 Biology of Social Issues (BS)

ENVDES 205 Dynamics of Human Habitation (I)

ENVSCI 101 Intro to Environmental Biology (BS)

GEO 100 Global Environmental Change (PS)

NUTR 130- Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle (BS)

PLS 100 Basic Plant Science (BS)

PLS 105 Introductory Soils (BS)

PLS 115 Plants, Soils and Environment (I)

PLS 120 Organic Farming and Gardening (BS)