3 Quarks Daily (link) is a science and humanities website, which excerpts interesting pieces on a wide range of themes from a multitude of internet sources. They are what is called a "filter blog". On Mondays, however, the editors of 3QD allow guest columnists to write essays that have not been published elsewhere. Each guest columnist writes once every four weeks. My columns for 3QD are below:

Some Thoughts on the Science of Queuing, 3 Quarks Daily, January 2014.

American Indian History, Through (South Asian) Indian Eyes, 3 Quarks Daily, February 2014.

On Delays in Access to Care in American Hospitals, 3 Quarks Daily, March 2014.

Some Conversations with Healthcare Staff in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala, 3 Quarks Daily, April 2014.

Travels in Northeast Turkey: Part 1, 3 Quarks Daily, May 2014.

Travels in Northeast Turkey: Part 2, 3 Quarks Daily, July 2014.

On PBS Nature Documentaries and My Life As a Turkey, 3 Quarks Daily, August 2014.

The Shortest Path, the Traveling Salesman, and an Unsolved Question, 3 Quarks Daily, September 2014.

The Sense of Self: A Conversation, 3 Quarks Daily, October 2014.

The Undocumented Journey North Through Mexico, 3 Quarks Daily, December 2014.

Birds Seen This Winter, 3 Quarks Daily, January 2015.

A Mobile Surgical Unit and a Rural Health Center in Ecuador, 3 Quarks Daily, February 2015.

Chasing Beavers, 3 Quarks Daily, March 2015.

Unconditioned by the Past, 3 Quarks Daily, May 2015.

The Monarch Butterflies, 3 Quarks Daily, July 2015.

How much should you plan for? 3 Quarks Daily, August 2015.

Reflections on War and Peace, 3 Quarks Daily, September 2015.

What Does it Mean to 'Stay Present'? Can We Control Our Thoughts? 3 Quarks Daily, October 2015.

Stray Memories, 3 Quarks Daily, December 2015.

A Note on Peppers, 3 Quarks Daily, January 2016.

Where Probability Meets Literature and Language, 3 Quarks Daily, March 2016.

Nature Notes from Massachusetts: How The Land has Changed, 3 Quarks Daily, May 2016.

Four Days in Jogja, 3 Quarks Daily, July 2016

Quantitative Measures of Linguistic Diversity and Communication, 3 Quarks Daily, August 2016.

How I was Drawn to Birds, 3 Quarks Daily, October 2016.

Mark the Janitor and Other Anecdotes, 3 Quarks Daily, December 2016.

All Models are Wrong, Some are Useful, 3 Quarks Daily, February 2017.

Yelahanka: Sketches of a Neighborhood, 3 Quarks Daily, May 2017.

Things related to corn: nixtamalization, planting techniques (the milpa), and journeys in North America, 3 Quarks Daily, July 2017.

Who knew healthcare could be so complicated? Snapshots from an American dataset. 3 Quarks Daily, December 2017.

Contact: hbalasubraman at ecs dot umass dot edu